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Description: Live your finest life with personal Healing & Transformation therapies that are designed to optimize well-being and inspire an awakening to the knowingness within. Modalities: Magdalena Healing, Energy Balancing, Reiki, Breathwork & Meditation.
Additional Info: 🌹Offering Transformational Healing Packages designed to support you in healing from past experiences, develop new ways of being, and guide you to awaken to your true potential. 🌹Package details become available after scheduling a listed service.
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Portland ME 04103
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Business Hours: Session times are in Eastern Time Zone. Please convert time zone as needed. Sessions are offered remotely by appointment Tuesday - Friday. Call for in-person availability.
Website: http://RadiantRoseHealing.com
Payment Types Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Linda Nickerson
Linda Nickerson

Transformational Energy Healing Embodied Mindfulness Guide Being your most vibrant and calm self is possible and that’s what I’ve helped with for over two decades. I’ll guide you to heal from past experiences, develop new ways of being, and evolve to your true potential... ...transforming overwhelm, exhaustion and stress! Your sessions with me include a powerful combination of energy work, chakra healing, self-reflection, guided meditation, and transformative exercises aligned to you and in support of your health and wholeness. The most beneficial way to experience sessions is with one of these Transformational Healing Packages: 🌱Discovery Package introduces you to energy healing and gently guides you to discover new possibilities for your well-being.* 🌿Illuminating Package allows you to deepen your healing and self-discovery journey and guides you to illuminate and attune with your inner compass.* 🌹Awakening Package invites deep transformational healing and inspires you in awakening and aligning with your inner knowingness and developing new ways of being.* *Includes personalized support between sessions through email. 🌟Here's what some clients share of their experience: "Before the sessions with Linda I was feeling overwhelmed with low energy. Now I feel peaceful and energetic. As I continue sessions I've come to understand how supportive the sessions are for my growth and self nurturing. My life is being transformed in many ways through the deep healing Linda offers." Dale (she/her)  “Linda is a delight to work with. Her gentle energy and welcoming presence create a very soothing experience for me. My sessions have always been relaxing and healing and I feel cared for in all ways. She is highly skilled at what she does." Kate (she/her) 🌎 Sessions are available in-person and remotely from Portland, Maine. Certified in Magdalena Healing, Energy Balancing, Reiki Healing, Reflexology and more. RadiantRoseHealing.com