Dr. Joy Pedersen 

- Psychic/Hypnosis/Spirituality 

in Sarasota, FL

Description: Improve your life and/or business by clearing the cause of your challenges. Release the subconscious negative memories, emotions, and mindset that sabotages optimal results and experiences in your life or business. Achieve more success quicker and easier.
Additional Info: We clear your energy, optimize your connection to Source/God. During the allotted time, you include the personal and business challenges in your life as well as future events. All elements of life can be addressed during a session. Packages available.
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Phone: 9412206245
Address: Appointments by Telephone, Zoom or Skype

Sarasota FL 34233
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Business Hours: 9-6 Monday through Friday and Monday and Wednesday evenings with some evening and weekend appointments available upon request.
Website: https://JoyPedersen.com
Payment Types Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Joy Pedersen, D.D, L.S.H., C.S.H.C., C.L.A.P.
Joy Pedersen, D.D, L.S.H., C.S.H.C., C.L.A.P.

For more effortless success in your personal life or business, Dr. Joy can help you identify the hidden causes of your challenges and release them using spiritual healing. The goal is to give you​ more effortless success in all areas of life and business. You can address anything from relationships, money issues, health and well-being, career, and business. You can also clear property, upcoming events, and travel to help elevate all to more effortless outcomes. If you have felt stuck or need help getting the results you prefer, this is a way to identify and clear the hidden causes of those challenges to set you free. Past life readings are also available. You can also address employees, family members, and global issues through you. All appointments are held over the phone, Skype, or Zoom.