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Description: Sitting long hours? Has spending hours on a screen or device weakened your back muscles? Tired neck and shoulder muscles? Pilates is great for resolving aches and pains. With a bit of practice, you will move and feel better!
Additional Info: Be proactive about your wellness so that you can take better care of your loved ones. Stay home if you have symptoms: fever, cough, loss of taste or smell. Thank you and be well!
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Bloomington IN 47401
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Business Hours: Morning Mat Wed 7am, 45 mins Circuit Springs Class Fri 10am, 45 mins Online Mat Series May: Work Your ROM MWF 9-9:30am, replay available Private and Semi-private Lessons: Call or text 812.269.2241 to book your lesson!
Website: http://www.explorepilates.com
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Anita Park
Anita Park

You want to get back into shape for the upcoming marathon, be able to dance in the spring time on the patio, or learn new skills that support you when you perform your sport or dance. What's the best way to cross train and recover? Pilates. Pilates has your back! Welcome to Explore PIlates. Founder Anita Park brings her lifelong experiences in music and languages to her teaching. She has over 1100 hours in Pilates training and continues to take lessons and attend seminars and workshops with second-generation teachers. She loves to cook and do anything crafty when she’s not doing Pilates. Anita is a longtime resident of Bloomington. She lives with her husband and daughter, and their house is full of books, pianos and Pilates equipment. Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things. — Joseph Pilates https://explorepilates.com