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Description: We help you keep your romance alive by creating the perfect date night. From in-home transformations to relaxation packages to group date nights we do it all. Everything is customized and tailored to the individual or couple for maximum satisfaction.
Additional Info: To customize your packages please remember we must complete a consultation. If you have not heard from the Elegant Nights Team within 3 days of booking please call us at 713-489-9220.
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Business Hours: Bookings Available: 24/7 Set-Up Window: 8AM-10PM Office Hours 8AM-7PM
Website: http://www.bookelegantnights.com
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Senior Romance Consultant- My desire when joining the team was to create a well-rounded experience that went beyond the bedroom to a more personal space. To do this I devote my time to creating the date nights.  Starting with the where to the how and then I make all the things you may need for your date to be as spectacular as we know it will be.  I also love trying new things so I make candles, customized shirts, and more that work seamlessly with adding bonus goodies to any package.


Senior Romance Designer- I founded Elegant Nights with the desire to bring love to couples around the world. I have always loved any and everything that had to do with the concept of love. My passion is designing a unique set-up, no matter the room, and I pride myself on the limitless options I have available to me with the right budget and range.