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Description: Empower Sports Massage offers intelligent bodywork and personal training. Empower's mission is to help people get back to doing what they love. You are a unique individual, and your pain, tension, or impediment has a unique story & solution.
Additional Info: Empower Sports Massage is located between Prado and Tank Farm on S. Higuera. Appointment bookings are not charged until after the appointment. Subject to partial, or full charge in event of no-show, or less than 24 hr notice of cancellation.
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Phone: 8054391057
Address: 3480 S. Higuera
San Luis Obispo CA 93401
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Business Hours: Monday: 11am - 7pm Tuesday: 9am - 5pm Wednesday: 11am - 7pm Thursday: 9am - 5pm Friday: 11am - 6pm
Website: http://www.EmpowerSLO.com
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Clay Van Schoyck
Clay Van Schoyck

Clay has lived in San Luis Obispo for over 30 years, and has been practicing massage therapy for almost 10 of them. Empower Sports Massage was founded by Clay in 2017, and born out of a strong desire to serve and help others. ​ After massage school the education continued with orthopedic, oncology, Active Release Technique, and Functional Training Systems certifications. He is also a Strongfirst certified instructor. His goal being to provide safe, and effective bodywork / training for every unique individual.

Nathan Fairchild
Nathan Fairchild

Nathan grew up in the central valley, and spent 7 years in Washington state while in the Air Force. After serving he relocated to San Luis Obispo County, and has lived in Morro Bay for the last 7 years. Nathan is very active, and has been involved in athletics his entire life. He has a passion for running, climbing, and backpacking. He's currently an active part of some local run clubs including, The Road Runners, and Templeton Run Club. You can find him regularly climbing at The Pad in SLO, working towards big wall climbing. He also takes multiple long backpack trips a year. He has a passion for serving others, and finds massage therapy to be the perfect avenue to assist his clients in their athletic goals. He finished his massage practitioner program in 2021, and completed the massage therapist certification at the end of 2022. He also will be continuing his clinical and sports massage training while here at Empower Sports Massage. He is working towards becoming fully Active Release Technique certified. His modalities include; deep tissue, sports massage, and stretching techniques. He's is also a NASM certified personal trainer.

Bryn Cumberland
Bryn Cumberland

Bryn is a local who was born and raised in Arroyo Grande, CA. This makes him a great fit for locally owned, and operated Empower Movement + Massage. His athletic abilities had him playing basketball for Hancock & Cuesta Colleges. Bryn later moved on to receive a B.A. in Communications at Channel Islands State University. He is now shifting focus from communications to serving his community through massage therapy. Bryn has completed his massage practitioner program, and on his way to the full hours required for the massage therapy licensure.

Emily Brown
Emily Brown

Emily was raised on the Central Coast and is returning after a 20 year hiatus. Growing up on the central coast, Emily was always encouraged to appreciate her beautiful surroundings and developed a love of just about any outdoor activity (as long as it’s not absolutely freezing)! Throughout school and college Emily stayed active in a variety of sports as well as other interests such as dance, music, and drama. During this time she developed an interest in the human body. She began to explore anatomy and movement. This prompted her to go to school to work as a Physical Therapy Assistant for almost 15 years. Emily also became a certified Polestar Pilates trainer. This work gave her the opportunity to experience working with everything from traumatic brain injuries to high level athletics. Working in a rehabilitative setting it became clear the positive impact manual / massage therapy had on her patients. Wanting to do more than scratch the surface, Emily decided to return to school for massage therapy to expand her skillset and learn new techniques not normally found in a physical therapy setting. Emily has personally experienced how massage can be an educational experience by connecting to one's own body. She believes it's a great tool not only for self-care, but owning and knowing your unique body.