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in Colorado Springs, CO

Description: We are a holistic health care provider offering a wide range of treatments and therapies helping the body heal itself. You can schedule for a chiropractic treatment, Sunlighten infa-red sauna therapy, or NES Energy Field treatment.
Additional Info: Excelsior Health Center is a "cash only" practice so please remember to bring cash with you at the time of payment.
Logo: Excelsior Health Center
Phone: 7195026323
Address: 1255 Lake Plaza Dr. Ste. 140

Colorado Springs CO 80906
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Business Hours: Dr. Reeves: Mon: 10-12 am, 3-6 pm Tues: Closed Wed: 9-12 am, 3-5 pm Thurs: 9-12 am, 3-6 pm Fri: 8am - 1pm Sat: For Emergency appointment only
Website: http://www.excelsiorhealthcenter.com
Payment Types Accepted: Cash
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Dr. Craig Reeves
Dr. Craig Reeves

Holistic Chiropractic Care