Business: Brilliance Embodied ~ Terri Lynn Perry
Description: Together we walk a path to unveiling the brilliance you've always been. Utilizing: guided visualization, Bodywork, breathwork, light/energy healing and mentorship. Freeing your soul to live the life you've always dreamed!
Additional Info: I am in the process of changing scheduling systems. If you'd like to book a session please call, email or go to my website to find the new link for scheduling. Thank you for your patience!
Logo: Brilliance Embodied ~ Terri Lynn Perry
Phone: 2066192976
Address: PO Box 12661

Olympia WA 98508
Business Hours: Monday 10am - 7pm Friday 10am - 7pm *NOTE: If you did NOT receive a confirmation email when booking your appointment - it has NOT been booked. Please contact me directly if you need help
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