Brilliance Embodied ~ Terri Lynn Perry 

- Wellness Center 

in Olympia, WA

Description: Together we walk a path to unveiling the brilliance you've always been. Utilizing: guided visualization, Bodywork, breathwork, light/energy healing and mentorship. Freeing your soul to live the life you've always dreamed!
Additional Info: I am in the process of changing scheduling systems. If you'd like to book a session please call, email or go to my website to find the new link for scheduling. Thank you for your patience!
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Phone: 2066192976
Address: PO Box 12661

Olympia WA 98508
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Business Hours: Monday 10am - 7pm Friday 10am - 7pm *NOTE: If you did NOT receive a confirmation email when booking your appointment - it has NOT been booked. Please contact me directly if you need help
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Terri Lynn Perry, LMT
Terri Lynn Perry, LMT

Is an Embodiment Guide, Creator and Soul Alchemist. Utilizing bodywork, breathwork, sound healing, energy alignment, Soulplay prompts, guided visualizations and mentorship. Terri Lynn is the owner of Brilliance Embodied, previously Esoteria, and has been in practice 10 years. Her purpose is to reconnect folks with their body, hearts and innate well of wisdom in order to bridge divide and create heart centric communities who then assist in the transformation and healing of our world. The first step is to look within ourselves. Terri Lynn is honored to be of service in this way and looks forward to working with you soon! for more information please visit: I am in the process of changing scheduling systems. If you'd like to book a session please call or email me! Thank you for your patience.