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Description: Five Element Acupuncture supports your inner vitality and ia helpful for any condition. What people experience with consistent treatment is improved health, a stronger sense of who they are, and more ease in moving through life's challenges.
Additional Info: There is ample free parking at the Grove Healing Oasis, and a free underground parking garage. Please arrive and wait in the waiting room until I greet you. Feel free to use the lymphatic movement machine while you wait. Please limit cell phone use!
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Phone: 5039296416
Address: 3031 Lemon Grove Ave

Lemon Grove CA 91945
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Charlie cavallo
Charlie cavallo

I believe excellent health is your birthright. ************************************ I made the decision to study Classical Chinese Medicine after receiving Worsley Five Element Acupuncture. I had received other kinds of acupuncture over the years, but Five Element Acupuncture treatment affected me on a deeper level. While receiving treatments I not only felt better and experienced improvements in my health, but also noticed that I could show up in my life more fully. In this method I experienced both the simplicity and profound healing that I knew was missing; and wanted to share it with other people. ************************************** Read more at ElohiAcupuncture.com