Business: DrumConnection
Description: DrumConnection offers: • Private or semi-p drum lessons for the enhanced study of the drum. One on one or groups. • Drum selection - attention just for you! • Djembe, congas, cajon, drum kit, other drums. • Djembe, dunun and conga repair - pro work.
Additional Info: We are providing private lessons online in virtual space on Zoom. Djembe, conga to the drum set. We will soon have a studio space or outside at the Charles River is always a great spot - but only for hand drums! Book your time now!
Logo: DrumConnection
Phone: 6176866080
Address: PO Box 293

Wayland MA 01778
Business Hours: We are now available for private and class lessons in virtual using Zoom! (until the virus passes) It's easy and fun! Use a phone or computer. Please see the booking schedule of what's available and book your time yourself. Book it and it's YOURS!
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