Business: Dynamic Bodywork and Wellness
Description: We use the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) ® treatment method. It is hands on bodywork that is gentle, non-forceful, and effective for decreasing or eliminating pain! Myofascial Release is NOT a massage.
Additional Info: This approach uses a gentle sustained pressure and stretch into the fascia (connective tissue), allowing it to soften and release, which aides the body to heal itself.
Logo: Dynamic Bodywork and Wellness
Phone: 6198239478
Address: 8407 La Mesa Blvd

La Mesa CA 91942
Business Hours: Monday 3pm - 7:00pm Tuesday 1pm - 7:30pm Wednesday 1pm - 7:30pm Thursday 1pm - 7:30pm Occasionally there may be a different day/time that will be open for bookings.
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