Chrissy Zimmerman Counseling 

- Psychology 

in Portland, OR

Description: Chrissy Zimmerman Counseling offers talk- and art therapy to children and adults that are looking for additional support and a venue for self-expression.
Additional Info: Parking can be tricky and so leaving a little extra time is advised. Also frequent Max trains as well as a freighter that tends to just sit on tracks backs traffic up quite a bit! I would recommend finding a route that avoids the tracks if at all possible!
Logo: Chrissy Zimmerman Counseling
Phone: 5035028593
Address: 1125 SE Division St.
Suite 207
Portland OR 97206
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Business Hours: M - 9am-4pm IN-PERSON (Division Office) T - 9am-4pm ON-LINE (VSee) W- 9am-1pm IN-PERSON (Division Office) R - 9am-4pm ON-LINE (VSee) F - 9am-1pm IN-PERSON (Division Office)
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex
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Chrissy Zimmerman
Chrissy Zimmerman