Cosmetic Tattoos by Madeline Seeley 

in Portland, OR

Description: Madeline Seeley is a Licensed Tattoo artist specializing in Cosmetic Tattoo including Microblading, Lip Blush, Freckles and Color Corrections. Also working with clients needing Areola restoration. Performing & Licensed since May 2022.
Additional Info: Located inside Rose & Dagger Tattoo
Logo: Cosmetic Tattoos by Madeline Seeley
Phone: 9713473055
Address: 6418 SE FOSTER ROAD

Portland OR 97206
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Business Hours: Monday 9am-8pm Thursday 9am-8pm Friday 9am-8pm Saturday 9am-8pm Sunday 9am-8pm
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Madeline Seeley
Madeline Seeley

Madeline is a licensed tattoo artist focusing on Cosmetic tattoo services. Services include Microblading, Nano Brows, Powder brows, Combination brows, Color Correction, Lip Blush, Freckles and Areola Restoration. All services are performed in a private room. Prices include Aftercare & 6 week Touchup appointment within 90 days.