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in Chicago, IL

Description: I specialize in customizing every client's experience! Whether it's making sure you feel comfortable while receiving your service, or treating your hair to get back that natural luster. When you leave you will feel rejuvenated!
Additional Info: In order to access the location… Press 301 on the box, the salon is located at the top (come all the way up until you cant) of the stairs first door on the left. Remember if you park in the front of the building to pay the $5 .
Logo: House of ZM
Phone: 2194876845
Address: 1860 S. Blue Island Ave

Chicago IL 60608
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Business Hours: Thursday- Saturday 8am- 2pm Saturday 6am- 3pm
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Zatia McManus
Zatia McManus

Aspiring hairstylist who uses modern day art to keep your style simple, sleek, and trendy. Zatia uses her artistic view to create timeless looks for her clients. She's all about detail and is very prideful about her perfectionist trait. Her passion lies in event hair, especially specializing in bridal looks. If you're looking for a stylist that pay attention to detail... Zatia is defiantly the stylist for you. #Softgirlera