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Description: Join Carolina Curd to learn how to make your own cheese and dairy products while learning a bit of science about what’s really going on inside that milk and cheese. Carolina Curd offers fun workshops and private home instruction to help get you started!
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jessica woods-vedeler
jessica woods-vedeler

Jessica Vedeler has been teaching cheesemaking classes and has been a passionate cheesemaker for almost 10 years. She lives in Asheville, NC. Her passion for amazing cheese was born while she lived in Paris, France and through her travels in France and Quebec, Canada. She has professional training and experience from the Opus Caseus Academy in France, in Vermont and at the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Dairy Research. She has taught cheesemaking at the J.C. Campbell Folk School and UNCA OLLI. Jessica loves to make cheese to enjoy at home and with friends ranging from simple fresh cheeses to French bloomy-rind style cheeses and pressed, aged cheeses. Jessica shares her knowledge and experience with the home cheesemaker through hands-on classes with Carolina Curd, LLC which was started in 2019. Her goal is to share her passion with students so that they can feel confident about making their own cheese at home and to help students understand a bit about the science behind making cheese happen.