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Description: Ethos is a collaboration of people who offer holistic care in various healing modalities, including Energy Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Wellness Coaching. We believe in helping the whole person to find happiness and vibrant health.
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Logo: Ethos - Centre for Health & Happiness
Phone: 3060000000
Address: 351 - 16th Street West

Prince Albert SK S6V3V6
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Crystal Blue Wellness - Charity Blechinger
Crystal Blue Wellness - Charity Blechinger

Charity Blechinger is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Crystal and Energy Healing Practitioner, Teacher of Meditation and a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert. She began looking into energy healing after seeing the immense benefits on her son, who suffered from an anxiety disorder and sensory processing disorder. Keen to learn more, she enrolled to become a Crystal Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher in 2019. After going through her own healing journey through chronic stress, recovering from meningitis and chronic migraines, Charity holistically supports the health and wellness of her clients through energy healing and 1:1 Coaching Programs. Over the last three years, Charity has worked with adults, teens and children to release stuck and stagnant emotions/energy stored in their bodies, release limiting beliefs, building positive lifestyle habits, bringing the body back into balance. She is passionate about everyone living a life full of self-love and abundant health. 306-961-5784

White Crane Traditional Chinese Medicine - Kim Johnson Dr. of Ac., TCMP. CMAAC#1558, PTCMAAS#P027MTCM
White Crane Traditional Chinese Medicine - Kim Johnson Dr. of Ac., TCMP.  CMAAC#1558, PTCMAAS#P027MTCM

I have been practicing now for over 14 years and am always inspired to work with others in expanding awareness and helping to balance the complex relationships we have with the world that are expressed both internally and externally. I love how our world inside of us, both emotionally and spiritually, is reflected in our bodies and in how we perceive our experiences. There is a vast interwoven tapestry that creates us. Helping others to weave their most beautiful version of themselves is incredibly rewarding and I look forward to every new person who enters my clinic. I offer care for many conditions including: muscular and skeletal issues, addictions, neurological and psycho-emotional disorders, respiratory, cardiovascular, gynecological, urogenital, and gastrointestinal conditions. Treatment can include acupuncture, herbs, supplements, and dietary and lifestyle counselling. 306-747-9393

Carmen Doré Holistic Healing
Carmen Doré Holistic Healing

For nearly 25 years, I've been working with Reiki, Reflexology, Energy Psychology, and various energy modalities. This journey began when my son faced health challenges as a baby, prompting me to take a Reiki class. Witnessing the positive impact on his health ignited my passion for holistic wellness. I firmly believe that our emotions and trauma’s (including birth trauma) significantly influence our physical and mental well-being. Having personally navigated through numerous traumas and physical pain, I've used these techniques to achieve a level of wellness I never thought was possible. Motivated by a deep desire to assist others on their healing journey, I've developed workshops and courses centered around Stress, Trauma, and Emotional Release Techniques. Additionally, I teach Reiki and offer classes on Emotional and Intuitive Eating. My mission is to empower individuals in releasing stored emotions and trauma within the body. 306-961-7819 Instagram- carmendore Holistic Healing FB - Carmen Dore Holistic Healing