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in East Burke, VT

Description: Bonnica graduated from Green Mountain Massage School in 2020. She worked for Stowe Village Massage and VT Pain Relief since. Bonnica has a BS in Nutrition and Master of Public Health. She is Certified in Sports Nutrition and specializes in medical massage.
Additional Info: VT Pain Relief is located in East Burke, VT. There is plenty of parking on the left side of the building and we are located on the second floor. I also do on-site massage at the Inn at Burklyn. Must have rez and be staying at the Inn for this service.
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Phone: 8023734870
Address: 83 Kirby Rd

East Burke VT 05832
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Business Hours: Monday 12-6 Tuesday 10-6 Wednesday 10-6 Thursday 10-6 Friday 10-5
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard
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Bonnica Zuckerman
Bonnica Zuckerman

Bonnica graduated from Green Mountain Massage School in Elmore, VT. She offers relaxing or deep tissue massage as well as nutrition consultation. Bonnica also has a Masters in Public Health and believes that helping a person feel their best is critical in improving the health of her community.