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Description: Become your own body expert. At Body Solve It Studio located in the heart of Westlake Village, California every client is supported and inspired to find their own unique path to better movement and wellness.
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Agnes M. Winston
Agnes M. Winston

My name is Aggie Winston and I would like to thank you for visiting Body Solve It. My studio is the culmination of over 12 years of teaching in the Conejo Valley and I look forward to many more years of private one-on-one training at this new location. My own experience with Pilates began as an adult trying to overcome chronic pain resulting from the effects of a spinal condition I was born with called “scoliosis.” Hit by a car at age 12 caused a broken shoulder and severe neck trauma and pain continuing through my growing years. Traditional medical therapies, including physical therapy, pain management and medications gave me very little relief. Medical professionals recommended undergoing spinal fusion surgery, an option I completely rejected. I began exploring alternative ways to heal. Integrating alternative practices such as Chinese medicine, chiropractic care and acupuncture, my body began to respond but there was still something missing. I still had to rely on “treatments” and other people to remain functional. In 1998 I learned about Joseph Pilates. His story about his evolution from a sickly child to a model of physical health was impressive. His revolutionary method of strengthening and conditioning the body through a cross-fusion of martial arts, gymnastics and body building made profound sense. With this epiphany I chose to transition from a desk job that was killing me to a new life to pursue the nature of healing and liberation from pain. With the help of talented, professional Pilates teachers I made progress. I learned to listen to my body and work even the smallest muscles to make long-lasting improvements to my posture, finally eliminating the pain. That took 2 years, but it began my journey on the road I continue to walk today. In 2001 I became certified by the Physical Mind Institute as a Pilates Instructor, following a long lineage of people who had healed themselves and others with the Pilates Method. My PMI training was intensive and inc