BARRIE ROBBINS BODYWORK,Trager Approach & massage 

- Massage 

in Bend, OR

Description: Offering Trager Approach somatic movement bodywork. Gentle and deep. Relaxing and rejuvenating to body and mind. Rediscover feelings of ease & comfort. Reduce pain, stress, and inflammation. Improve range of motion and flexibility.
Additional Info: Gift Certificates and Package pricing available.
Logo: BARRIE ROBBINS BODYWORK,Trager Approach & massage
Phone: 5412412087
Address: 2360 NW Summerhill Dr.

Bend OR 97703
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Business Hours: Monday thru Saturday. Additional times available upon request.
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Barrie Robbins on NW Summerhill Dr.
Barrie Robbins on NW Summerhill Dr.