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Description: I work from a cosy home based practice in Comox. Parking is easy to find. Towhee Court is a cul de sac best accessed off Murrelet off Bolt Ave to avoid confusion.
Additional Info: With regards to payment for your treatment, due to Covid precautions E-transfers are preferred, otherwise cheques or cash. I am sorry but no credit or debit cards.
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Susan Bosveld-Bowyer
Susan Bosveld-Bowyer

I have been an RMT for over 40yrs now and I still love what I do!! For those of you looking for deep tissue/sport and injury massage I can deliver. Yet another form of massage I offer, is one that is a more gentle rhythmical approach which activates your Parasympathetics ( the relaxed healing state of your body). When our bodies get stressed we tip into a Sympathetic state which makes us targets for disease and dysfunction. By working with me during the massage, with deep breathing and a focus on the massage itself, instead of conversation, it allows the patient a profoundly deeper experience. Both kinds of treatments are very beneficial, feel free to experience both. I will do my part to help you have a wonderful experience and work towards feeling good in your body.