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Description: Our vision is to transform those who are in crisis to a lifestyle of health and vitality. The nerve system and spine are essential to being healthy and active. IF we have a misalignment in our spine this can cause stress and lead to DIS-EASE in our body
Additional Info: We specialize in the care of families from new born babies to geriatrics. Our spine can have a lack of balance at any age that then effects the nerve systems ability to conduct information effectively. We are all born with an inner intelligence to heal
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Address: 987 University Ave Suite 28

Los Gatos CA 95032
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Jennifer Carauddo
Jennifer Carauddo

Aligned Health Chiropractic provides quality chiropractic care with an individualized focus. If you are suffering an imbalance whether from an injury, pain, or other health problem. We provide superior care by addressing the underlying cause. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen. To find out what your health goals are and deliver results. We each have a unique health history that requires a provider that listens, has empathy, and delivers us a health care approach unique to us an individual. Our body has the amazing ability to be self-healing. The body heals itself as long as you understand the imbalances/roadblocks and remove any inference in the spine or in your lifestyle.