Dermalogica presents Wellness (Brought to you by BFB) 

- Yoga 

in Carson, CA

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Logo: Dermalogica presents Wellness (Brought to you by BFB)
Phone: 8186130616
Address: 1535 Beachey Pl

Carson CA 90746
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Lucie Wang
Lucie Wang

Dara Afraz
Dara Afraz

Dara is a skilled interface designer and web developer at UCLA Human Perception Lab and Insight Learning Technology, Inc. Dara’s work relies on user-centered design principles to produce high-quality visuals—from concept to execution—across desktop and mobile platforms. He has worked on numerous large-scale studies and products focused on perception and cognition in learning, funded and used by the Department of Education, Department of Defense, and UCLA Medical School. Dara also provides consulting, branding, and design services to several businesses including Mixx Yoga and Be Fit Biz. His vast knowledge of web technologies and privacy practices gives him the particular expertise to advise clients in creating and maintaining their brands. In addition to his work in the tech space, Dara is a skilled musician, playing several Persian instruments. Dara is an alumnus of UCLA Design Media Arts.