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Description: Experience gentle chiropractic care that's almost imperceptible yet incredibly effective. My approach prioritizes comfort and precision. I will provide gentle adjustments tailored to you.
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Logo: Burns DC LLC
Phone: 9378233493
Address: 77 Dellsing Dr

Vandalia OH 45377
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Business Hours: Mon/Wed/Sat 9 am to 12pm Tue/Thur 2pm to 6pm
Website: http://Burnsdc.com
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Andrew Burns
Andrew Burns

Hi, I’m Andrew Burns and I’m dedicated to enhancing your well-being through gentle, personalized chiropractic care. As an Army veteran, I’ll be bringing a blend of discipline and expertise to my practice, and as someone who’s dealt with chronic back ailments, I understand the importance of body alignment and resilience. I also love exploring the natural world's healing potential, integrating holistic approaches into my practice. Beyond my professional pursuits, I cherish my role as a father of two sons and as a baseball coach.