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Description: Enjoy a custom massage session based on your goals and areas of concern.
Additional Info: Suite 150
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Phone: 4357604347
Address: 4568 S Highland Dr

Millcreek UT 84117
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Business Hours: Sunday 12:30-10 Monday 10-10 Tuesday 10-10 Wednesday 10-8 Thursday 10-8 Friday 10-8 Saturday 10-10
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Bryan has been practicing for several years and is well known in the massage community. He began his career in 2009, after graduating from Eagle Gate College for Massage & Bodywork. After graduation, Bryan went on to work at locations such as Massage Envy, The Spa Club, and Pride Massage. He obtained dependable clientele and was highly sought after, so he followed his dreams of becoming a business owner and opened Reviving Massage in 2015. Bryan eventually closed down Reviving Massage and took over Pride Massage, making it his primary focus for years. Unfortunately with the 2020 pandemic, he had to close the doors. But, here he is again in 2023 better than ever as the new owner of Blue Cypress Spa!


Daniel has always had a passion for helping others. As a rock climber, snowboarder, nature enthusiast, his own physical journey lead him to the world of holistic healing and body work. His attention to detail, combined with his eagerness to learn made him a notable figure among his peers at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. Since graduating in 2020, Daniel has been pursuing deeper knowledge of anatomy with a focus of myofascial release, trigger point therapy, cupping and more. Whether you are interested in relieving acute pain, aleviate chronic pain, or simply would like to de-stress, see how Daniel can help you today and make a plan for tomorrow.


Jeff graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2010. He has gained extensive knowledge in post surgery massage in the realm of hip and knee surgery. He has worked with athletes and specializes in deep tissue and sports massage therapy as well. His background also includes trigger point therapy, structural alignment therapy, and other modalities. Being a massage therapist for over a decade, Jeff has gained extensive knowledge working in medical, sports, chiropractic, and spa environments.


Mindy chose to study at Healing Mountain Massage due to its Eastern Philosophy roots and extensive anatomy course. Shortly after graduating in 2019 (top of anatomy class), Mindy began working with the UofU gymnastics and football teams, where she gained valuable tips. The following years she was consistently the most requested at previous spas. Her focus is on structural integration, and rehabilitation/recovery, with Ayurvedic roots.