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in Eugene, OR

Description: I am a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist based in the lovely South Eugene. I specialize in Postural Alignment and Women's Health. I have a passion for preventative care and therapeutic massage, and I aim to help provide lasting relief from chronic pain.
Additional Info: Free optional Hot Stones and/or Aromatherapy available for every session!
Logo: Blaze Ballard, LMT #27006
Phone: 5417315310
Address: 2791 Oak Alley SUITE 3

Eugene OR 97405
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Business Hours: By Appointment Only
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover
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Blaze Ballard
Blaze Ballard

Tired of the endless cycles of chronic pain? Coping with anxiety or depression? With dedication and consistency, I can help you change that cycle. Book with me and we will discuss obtainable goals through a personalized treatment plan that works. You don’t have to live with this forever, together we can help you become the best you that you can be. My name is Blaze Ballard, a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist here in Eugene Oregon. My style of massage differs according to one's needs and desired outcome, but overall starts with an assessment. Your massage will often include the flowing and soothing nature of Swedish massage, hot stones, and assisted and resisted stretching alongside occasional deep tissue when needed. My practice focuses on Women's health, as we have been long overlooked in the health community, and it is about time that changed. Women are more likely to cope with a range of conditions, including but not limited to Migraines, Hypertension, Fibromyalgia, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Restless Leg Syndrome, depression, and of course pain from pregnancy and PPD/PPA. As a Medical Massage Therapist, some of these conditions will require me to work alongside your physician to reach your desired outcome. What exactly separates medical massage from regular massage, you may be asking? Medical massage is, above all else, outcome-based. In addition to stress relief and relaxation, medical massage focuses on the medical needs of the client, who often has a diagnosis and a recommendation from a physician. It will also include specific follow-up recommendations and proposed stretches and exercises that will be of benefit to the client. I hope to see you soon, remember that when “I” becomes “we”, even illness turns into wellness!