Business: Acupuncture Together
Description: Acupuncture Together has been providing affordable, relaxing and effective acupuncture since 2008. Treatments take place in a cozy group setting. Please visit for more info.
Additional Info: Acupuncture Together was located in Cambridge from 2008 until May 2021, when we relocated to West Medford. For info on conditions treated, directions, parking, pricing and more, please visit our website at
Logo: Acupuncture Together
Phone: 6174999993
Address: 127 Boston Avenue

Medford MA 02155
Business Hours: Mon 1-5 Tues 10:30-12 & 2-5 Wed 8:40-11 & 2-6 Thur 10-12 & 1-5 Fri 8:40-12:30 Sat 9-12:30 Sun 1-5 *The hours listed are those in which you may book an appointment. We close 45 minutes after the last available appointment of each shift.
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