Business: Himalayan Salt Co.
Description: This is a Salt Spa where we offer HaloTherapy! HaloTherapy is the breathing in of minute salt particles that penetrate deep into the lungs to promote better breathing, break up mucus, cleanse the skin and give a general sense of well being.
Additional Info: Requirements for the Salt Room - Socks only! Whatever your wearing for the day is fine... Regular gym clothes / bathing suit are suggested for the infrared sauna's. Towels / water available. *High Blood Pressure- Consult your doctor.
Logo: Himalayan Salt Co.
Phone: 5084104718
Address: 850 Southbridge St. #6

Auburn MA 01501
Business Hours: Monday - Saturday (10AM - 4PM) Sundays - By appointment only... (Salt / Sauna, BioCharger)
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