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Description: Thank you for visiting! I am a board-certified and Maryland licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist in practice since 2006, serving the Baltimore area on and off since 2011.
Additional Info: It is my intention to create a safer space for folks of all genders, from all backgrounds, and in all bodies to receive the care they need. Please feel free to reach out with any information that may help me facilitate the best possible experience for you.
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Phone: 2406007139
Address: 120 E 25th Street
Suite 1A
Baltimore MD 21218
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Business Hours: For appointments outside of available listings, call/text 240.600.7139. Payment is welcome via card, cash, or venmo (@aurora-raiten) at time of service; sliding scale option available, please reach out for more information. Thanks!
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover

Aurora Raiten, L.Ac, LMT (she/they)
Aurora Raiten, L.Ac, LMT (she/they)

I chose bodywork as a profession after receiving a bachelors degree in sociology and quickly realizing that the work I was best suited for was helping people through direct action rather than policy; I received my massage therapy diploma in 2006, followed by a masters degree in acupuncture in 2010. Social justice will always be the lens through which I approach the world; I am actively involved in the ongoing and vital work toward reproductive justice, queer/trans rights, and anti-racism and I am always thrilled to serve as a resource for folks looking for ways to get involved. Clinically, my practice is deeply influenced by my experience navigating a previously misdiagnosed chronic illness which was, after many painful and confusing years, finally correctly identified as Lyme disease. I find both hands-on bodywork and acupuncture to be profoundly effective for treating a panoply of diseases and pain conditions in the body and mind and consider it a personal goal to debunk skepticism about the efficacy of natural medicine, as well as to help detach acupuncture from its unfounded connection to "new age woo woo" esotericism. As a heavily tattooed and gender non-conforming person, it is also my intention to challenge preconceptions about who can/should practice healthcare.