Business: A Peaceful Place
Description: Hello! I'm Jane Gallagher, I offer healing in the forms of hypnosis, coaching, NLP. I have a professional background in natural medicine, energy healing, domestic issues, health, fitness and people of all ages, genders, races and creeds. Peace.
Additional Info: I would be honored to facilitate growth work with you. You know yourself best, so you can schedule and pick your own frequency in appointments. Please call me with any questions. Available by appointment only. I look forward to meeting you! Peace, Jane
Logo: A Peaceful Place
Phone: 6125678017
Address: Uptown Office Park 3249 Hennepin Avenue S

Minneapolis MN 55408
Business Hours: Saturdays 10am-7pm Please call or email if you are seeking a different time. Appointments available by advanced scheduling. Schedule subject to change. Additional hours created as needed.
Website: http://www.APeacefulPlace.Us
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