Aura Healing By Ximena 

- Wellness Center 

in Woodland, CA

Description: Aura Healing is a Reiki and Chakra healing studio, created to hold a safe and sacred space for you to heal yourself naturally through trust, compassion, and respect. My goal is to help my clients feel empowered and inspired to find peace within themselves.
Additional Info: 48 hour cancellation policy. No shows and late cancellations will be charged 100% cost of service for lost time. Please arrive on time.
Logo: Aura Healing By Ximena
Phone: 5300000000
Address: 117 W. Main Street Spc 10

Woodland CA 95695
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Business Hours: Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am 8 pm.
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa
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Imagine if…. Imagine if you could release the stories that keep you feeling stuck, the ones that tell you you’re broken or not good enough. Imagine what it could be like if your physical body felt safe. Imagine being able to truly feel again. Imagine releasing the energy that keeps you from living in alignment, in flow. Imagine a life where you could remember who you truly are, if you could reconnect and remember the essence of what makes you, YOU. This is exactly what our sessions are intended to do for you and so much more. Keep reading and get in touch so we can chat about how you can shift your narrative and your energy towards calling in all your heart desires. ¡Hola! I’m so glad the universe brought us together. It’s likely that if you’re here you are looking for healing that is a little bit different. Perhaps, you’re looking for something that’s rooted in cultura, led by someone that looks like you, or incorporates spiritual wellness. I’m Ximena, a Karuna Reiki®️Master Practitioner, and a wellness practitioner that believes that finding your way back to yourself and your core essence will allow you to truly heal, release, and call in what your heart desires. I believe in doing things a bit differently. My true passion lies in helping others to heal and re-discover their value and worth; helping others feel empowered is truly rewarding and amazing. My mission in this life is to spread light into the world and help others find their spark, re-discover their excitement and passion for life. As an empath, I absorb other’s people’s energy, feelings, and emotions. I am a Psychic Intuitive, Healer, using Clairsentience (clear feeling) , Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairaudience (clear hearing) , Clairvoyance (clear seeing ). I utilize my gifts to receive messages from your Higher Self, Ancestors, and Guides. Want to know more? Grab your tecito, schedule your appointment and come chat with me.