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Description: AWAL = Ageless Wonder, Ageless Living. Living agelessly is achieved with a balance of regular exercise and healthy eating. Find your balance with: - Personal Training sessions - Online Zumba classes - Online Pilates Mat classes - Nutrition Coaching
Additional Info: Our company values your health and safety. All services are available via Zoom so you can be fit while staying safe. Contact provider for information about limited in-person, socially distanced training sessions.
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Business Hours: M-F, 8A-5PM; Sat, 8AM-12PM
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Ashley Walton Massey
Ashley Walton Massey

Ashley has been in the fitness industry since 2013. During this time, she has earned over ten certifications, including ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Peak Pilates Comprehensive Instructor, Zumba Instructor and Nutrition Coach. Fitness became Ashley's passion after the birth of her son in 2010. She worked hard to lose the baby weight, but found it difficult to balance her work schedule, time with her family, healthy eating and regular exercise. It was then that Ashley made it her mission to simplify healthy living to make it attainable for all. People are often amazed by Ashley's youthful appearance. She has figured out the secret to eternal youth: healthy living. Through the different specialties Ashley has learned, she brings the gift of ageless living to each of her clients.