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Description: Reiki Master with 15 years experience helping clients live a more balanced, joyful, and mindful life. Harvard-trained scientist (PhD in Neuroscience) with leading edge research in mind-body medicine and integrative health.
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Dr. Natalie Dyer
Dr. Natalie Dyer

Welcome! I am a Reiki master with a background in Usui Reiki and North American, European, and Tibetan shamanism, forms of energy medicine or biofield therapies that can work synergistically together. Through embodying universal love and pure presence, I work with universal life force energy for your highest good. Many people seek a session with me because they feel stuck and are looking to create a significant change in their life, or because they want a deeper understanding of themselves, an illness, or condition, or they are looking for spiritual renewal and a vision forward. Through connecting with universal consciousness, I experience claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentient when facilitating a session. I use these natural abilities, that we all have, and the science of mind-body medicine to identify what you may need to align with your truest self, guiding you toward self-mastery and spiritual fulfillment. --- I am also a Research Scientist with Connor Whole Health at University Hospitals and the President of the Center for Reiki Research. I study the effect of Reiki biofield therapy on physical and psychological health and lead efforts to educate Reiki practitioners and the public about Reiki research. My research is primarily focused on mindbody and biofield therapies for improving psychological health and wellbeing. Academic Background: 2015-2018 – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School 2013-2016 – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard University 2007-2012 – Doctorate in Neuroscience, Queen’s University 2002-2006 – Honour’s Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology, University of Toronto