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Description: Colon Hydrotherapy has been found to flush toxins , and help alleviate constipation, bloating and IBS, acid reflux, digestion problems, excess weight, depression and chronic fatigue
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Business Hours: Monday thru Friday 10 am-7:00pm Saturday 10am-4pm Sunday 10 am-4pm
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Kitty Marteen, CT Advanced Colonics Therapist
Kitty Marteen, CT Advanced Colonics Therapist

Orange County's leading therapist Kitty Marteen, CT , creator of the Advanced Acu-Cleanse with reflexology has 20 years of experience as digestion specialist. This gentle yet effective technique delivers fast effective results.

FREQUENCY with Elina
FREQUENCY with Elina

Monicor Resonance Technology that issues sound waves to help the body heal itself of imbalances. This is a 2 hour session. Wear comfortable clothes. You will be in a comfortable recliner chair or on a couch for the duration of the session. WHAT TO BRING TO YOUR FREQUENCY APPOINTMENT: A glass bottle or plastic bottle of water to your appointment. (the water will be charged with certain frequencies to extend the overall effect) Bring something to keep you happy for 2 hours. You might want to watch a movie on your phone or device, read a book, audio book or simply relax. This is NOT a medical treatment or a Medical Diagnosis. If you believe you have a medical issue please consult your Physician.

Rocio Garcia, CT
Rocio Garcia, CT

Detox specialist, bi-lingual , Spanish. English.