Business: Agape Acupuncture
Description: In pain, physical or emotional? Feel tired or fatigued? Trouble sleeping? It can be hard to live with these things. And taking a harsh chemical to treat a symptom can sometimes have worse side effects. Why not treat the cause of the problem instead?
Additional Info: Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, gets at the root of the problem - the imbalances within the body - so your body can heal itself and you can finally live the life you want to live. Check out my website for more!
Logo: Agape Acupuncture
Phone: 3605046850
Address: At the FarWest Building
610 NW 44th Street
Seattle WA 98107
Business Hours: Monday through Friday: 11 am - 8:30 pm (Only open to 6:00 on Fridays)
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