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Thanks for all the awesomeness that you guys provide. I could not do what I do as easily without you. Not at all.

— Henry Massage Therapist


You all have been awesome during my time and it has been great to watch the expanded and evolving features and services.

— Felix Massage Therapist


Thank you again very much for your help. The Schedulicity Team is really a team of rockstars! Wow…super happy with your technical support.

— Dani Pilates Instructor


You all are just so fantastic, by the way. So appreciate you!

— Whitney Education and Training


All systems go! This is way better than my old software! Took a minute to hop over the hurtles but it was well worth it! Thank you so much for your help and checking in!

— Makenly Massage Therapist


You guys are truly ROCKSTARS.

— Martha Acupuncturist


I’m super happy I found you guys! All the systems are going to make things so much smoother. Thank you!

— Katie Personal Trainer


It’s great to be part of a winning team! Mahalo for a great 2021! 2022…Here We Come!

— Sara Massage Therapist


Honestly, this site is blowing my mind and I’m really so happy to finally have found a platform that seems to give me so much of what i need for my studio.

— Lindsay Pilates Instructor


Thanks for all you and your team do for us! We really appreciate that you listen and care.

— Shelly Esthetician


Your customer service has been Im-Peck-A-Ble. I was at Vagaro for a bit and I know. I’m so happy to be back.

— Nicky Esthetician


Thank you so much. You have been very helpful and a PLEASURE to work with. 10/10 – highly recommend.

— Kendra Health Club Owner


Wow! Your company has been so very generous to us since Covid. I filled out the questionnaire. Not only was it informative with great ideas, it really does get you pumped up about holiday sales. Thank you for offering a code for a free month. You guys are the best!

— Debbie Esthetician


I love doing business with you guys. You have demonstrated many times that you have my back. Thanks!

— Susan Hair Stylist


…thanks so much for creating such a great product! I have been loving using Schedulicity for over 10 years now, you guys are an awesome support team and we appreciate you!

— Keri Massage Therapist


Thank you so very much! I appreciate you ALL at Schedulicity and thankful to have all the assistance.

— Kristen Reiki and Tarot Readings


Gosh, you guys are so consistent in the way you respond and help me through everything! In an inconsistent world, it’s nice to have you all!

— Ms. Avy Hair Stylist


Schedulicity is my oxygen!

— Maureen Consultations/Mentoring


I cannot stress enough how much I love Schedulicity and the people who run it!

— Sadie Studio Rentals


Thanks for your help… for the first time in my career I’m regularly booked out solid, full-time, 4 or more months in advance for even as short as a 60 min session!

— Eric Massage Therapist


Always happy with your Customer Service team btw. Keep up the great work.

— Chuck Barber


I’m embarrassed I took so long to adopt NORM. It is freaky easy!

— Kip Massage Therapist


Ya’ll have impeccable customer service and I just wanted to tell you that. Thank you so much for all your hard work and I wish you THE BEST OF SUCCESS!

— Karen Hair Stylist


Thank you so much for getting back to me, and I really appreciate your explanations (which we don’t get from other companies! LOL) for further understanding.

— Takiya Spa Owner


Kudos to all of you at Schedulicity. You guys really nailed it with how easy it is to use and have made my life so much easier and your support is the best, so thank you!

— Nikki Healthcare Provider


Schedulicity has definitely named you correctly… all of my customer service interactions with you all have been rockstar and personalized every time. This is not easy to find anymore so thank you!

— Kara Yoga Instructor


Thanks so much! You all are amazing… you all blow others out of the water, no competition! Keep it up.

— Ray Transportation


I appreciate beyond what I can say the fact that Schedulicity was free during the worst of the pandemic. I appreciate the services you offer, and have been very happy with Schedulicity as long as I have been using your service.

— Carole Massage Therapist


Just wanted to send a very heartfelt “thank you” to all your staff for the scheduling support over the past year. Your ability to jump in and help at any time, as well as your generous provision of additional services at no cost, have been an amazing boon to us throughout Covid.

— Melissa Healthcare


We appreciate all you Rockstars that are hard at work for small business owners like me navigating through the pandemic. Mahalo (Thank You) for all you do!

— Rani Massage Therapist


I’ve worked with tech support a lot as a Doctor and you all are the best I’ve encountered to date.

— Thomas Healthcare


You folks are awesome… It’s almost a no brainer — businesses that are just straight forward, honest and genuinely interested in their customers are going to boom. No MBA required to figure that out.

— Jeff Massage Therapist


I’m so thankful for Schedulicity and all the amazing people that work selflessly to make sure their customers have all that they need and more! You guys rock!! Thank you again.

— Voynette Hair Stylist


You guys are consistently helpful, and I love that you like making your product better! Thank you for your good work and results.

— Todd Massage Therapist


I really like your company and always tell other small businesses you are the way to go.

— Jeff Massage Therapist


OMG! You guys really are Rockstars!!

— Viviana Culinary


In my mind your company is a model of what core values should be in our country. Again, THANK YOU!

— Shawn Hair Stylist


I just referred a business owner to you guys and told him how awesome the Schedulicity team and site is. I hope he becomes a subscriber. You guys rock! Thank you for giving so much.

— Christine Counselor


Everyone there has always been so nice whenever I’ve had a question or problem. I have recommended your company to so many other people over the years, and this is one of the many reasons why! I think almost every one of the hairstylists who ever worked at my big salon and now have their own salons are all using Schedulicity. Thank you again so very much!

— Kim Hair Stylist


Congrats on rolling out a new plan! I’m looking forward to trying all the new features. I will forever be grateful for you generosity as we navigated through the pandemic. Thanks again for being top notch!

— Dawn Hair Stylist


Thank you! You guys are five star customer service!!

— Brooke Esthetician


I love the way everyone there responds to messages. I feel like i’m talking to my brothers and sisters when i ask you for help. You know. And now you know i know. Thank you for the love.

— Sally Wellness Center


Thank you for providing such a wonderful booking app. I’ve gone through 3 others and I’m sold with yours. Thank you again!

— Leilani Spa Owner


You’re the bomb. It’s still true after all these years..Jerry employ’s only ROCK STARS…



Norm is super easy to use. Glad you guys came up with it. Nice job!

—LydiaHair Stylist


Someone just reached out to me this week to ask how I liked Schedulicity and I unequivocally supported them using your service. Your customer service is part of that equation.

—MateceMassage Therapist


You guys continue to go above and beyond with your customer service…Thanks again for all you do!

—LisaMassage Therapist


You all are the best! Thank you so much for responding and adjusting the process for my needs and others. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Bravo.

—ChrisHair Stylist


Once again, you blow me away with the extraordinary customer service! I appreciate your encouraging words, quick responses, and great suggestions.

—JillMassage Therapist


I already LOVE NORM!!!! You guys are awesome! I can’t say it enough!

—StephanieMassage Therapist


Schedulicity keeps getting better and better. I’m continually impressed.



By the way Schedulicity has been a life saver this year!

—LoriWellness Center


I am literally jumping up and down!!! NORM IS FRICKING AWESOME!!! So easy and makes the check out process a breeze!! Thank you so much for continuing to improve your product and make things more streamlined for us small businesses!

—AngelaSpa Owner


Thankful for the app it makes life so much easier and business way better! May you all be blessed.

—JessicaHair Stylist


I’m working on some tax stuff and your program is making everything super simple. Thanks again. You guys are always nicer than my favorite bartender.

—StephonHair Stylist


I have to say the ease of Norm for the way I do business…especially for collecting booking fees is sooooo much easier. And so much nicer to not be awkwardly handing over my phone to be signed. Let’s get everything shifted over to Norm rates.



I do have to say that this company definitely has a “rockstar” customer service team!

—AimeeHealth Club Owner


You guys have no idea how much I love this. It’s so much cleaner than my other option, and SO MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE.

—SabbathYoga Instructor


You guys are the best support team I have encountered across the board. Thank you for your response. You guys really are Schedulicity Rockstars.



I am writing to say a big THANK YOU for all of your efforts and design work. After I don’t know, 6 years of being with Schedulicity and a member of Lori Crete’s mastermind group, I finally re-vamped my menu as I transitioned from Lashes to Facials. What I want to share is that I used the “menu” to it’s fullest. I had a blast choosing images for each of my services.

—DawnPilates Instructor


I am so happy with Schedulicity! My clients love it and your customer service is amazing! Thank you for all you do!

—RachelHair Stylist


I set the clients loose on Schedulicity with a group email last night. Every one of them that has responded had glowing reports. One using the app says it’s the best experience she has had while training with me … great to read. THANK YOU “Schedulicity Rockstars” … the name is NOT HYPE. Y’all earned it getting us settled in here. Enjoy your day!

—JeffDog Training Instructor


I know it’s not easy trying to problem solve technical issues (well, I don’t really but I can’t imagine it’s “easy”…) and I don’t ever want you all to feel any pressure when these “glitches” aren’t preventing business from rolling in. I’m always just grateful for the help and feel it’s important that you all know and realize just how much your skills, communication, and talent are appreciated. Your boss sure has hired some phenomenal people!!

—RochelleMassage Therapist


I have had 24 hours to “tinker” with your platform, and your User Interface is WONDERFUL! Kudos to the designer – I have worked with more of these platforms than I care to recall, this is by far the easiest to learn and the most efficient platform I have met to date. THRILLED!

—JeffDog Training Instructor


You guys are super awesome accepting feedback and constantly working to improve things for your customers. Thanks for that!

—LisaYoga Instructor


I love Schedulicity! You guys have been so great since I opened back in 2011 and you just keep adding more and more features to really help my business. I tell everyone about you guys! I was a lifer before but certainly after last year when you were so cool waiving fees for us during shut down, I will never go anywhere else.

—CassieMassage Therapist


I also wanted to thank Schedulicity for what the company have done during pandemic. I was almost tearful with the kindness of you and your company. Amazing.

—BharatiHolistic Counselor


I’ve been loyal Square customer, for years but during the pandemic, Schedulicity has supported us small businesses in ways no other companies has & that’s exactly why I’m switching. The customer service is amazing so I just wanted to give that feedback.



I would recommend Schedulicity to any business looking for such services and support as you offer. You’re a GREAT team and I’ve enjoyed working with you all over the years.

—KatyPersonal Coach


Thank you so much for being proactive. I really appreciate the superior level of customer service that you give. Thank you!



Customer service is huge. The response I get from EVERY one of your team members makes me feel apart of your family. I am technologically challenged and easily defeated. However, you guys have kept me going since day 1! And I thank you!

—JeanetteGolf Instructor


I suggested waitlists and am thrilled you added the feature. I’ve been with you over 8 years and you keep getting better and better!



I love your emails! They are always informative and so positive. I am a huge Schedulicity fan and super grateful for how you all are constantly improving the app.



Great that you’re looking to offer a waitlist from the client end. I love a company that listens! thanks for that.

—DaleEnneagram Trainer


You really are a rockstar… btw, so far I am really impressed with the simplicity of schedulicity vs MindBody!

—SandyYoga Instructor


I loved the way you handled the pandemic and are still showing so much generosity. My current booking company actually was very unsympathetic and found ways to charge more. No longer a fan. Changing again is a hassle that I know will bring rewards. Lol I’m feeling inspired.



My website host is having an issue with their site builder and I’m unable to edit my website… two days before Black Friday, when I sell 80% of my gift certificates online, totaling about 30% of my annual revenue. No worries, right? It just reminds me of all the things that DO work. Schedulicity is consistent, functional and even, shall we say, amazing. All. The. Time. Thank you. I’m grateful.

—BeckyMassage Therapist


I was looking at new office space for my bodywork services. The small health club supports MindBody online booking and asked me if would consider switching to keep continuity with their biz model. I just want you all to know you are SEEN and it gives me faith that a biz can make a profit and keep its integrity and ethics. So NO to her Mindbody change over, I am a Schedulicity keeper. Shine on my rockstars!

—MichaelMassage Therapist


Thank you so much for your follow through in getting back to me today. Your customer service is ALWAYS what I rave about when I tell people to use you guys. You all really are amazing! Thank you again!



I just set up my new mobile reader and I had to reach out and tell you that your delightful face and demeanor made my morning over such a random little task. Your setup video was so great and I’m so happy the editors put in the bloopers. True to brand, y’all are rockstars. Thanks for bringing extra sunshine to my day.



Schedulicity has been a real lifesaver for me during the pandemic lockdown. Having to pivot my yoga studio to an online platform, I found it difficult to keep track of who was booking what classes to attend and send the conferencing links to. Schedulicity made it easy for my clients to book and pay and for me to track who went to what. The customer service team really are ROCKSTARS! Answering every silly little question I called with, patiently repeating the same info several times, offering the platform free during critical months along with the Community Gives grant program #amazing.

—DawnYoga Instructor


I love this service. You guys are ALWAYS so helpful and accommodating. You have no idea how much this stuff stresses me out and it’s always reassuring when I reach out to you, you make me feel very important.

—JeanetteGolf Instructor


This company is amazing. I have been using their service since I opened my spa boutique Microspa in 2016. They have always had exceptional customer service throughout the years. As soon as the pandemic happened, they suspended all fees to support the businesses. I just happily paid my first monthly fee since the epidemic began this month in September 2020. It gave my heart hope and one less thing to stress about during this time of upheaval. I am forever grateful for this company. Plus, if you are looking for a credit card service, their rates are excellent. Thank you, Schedulicity, for being an example of ethical business practice and service.

—VanessaMassage Therapist


I had tried out a patient managing program specifically designed for acupuncturists- it seemed to make the most sense as it offered patient online intake, charting, etc specifically for my field. After using the program for 2 months, I realized it does not work well for me, and I love Schedulicity. I want to extend my gratitude for all of the help, financial and practical that your team offered during the lockdown. It was truly heartwarming, and I’ll be happy to continue using your system into the future.

—ReneeMassage Therapist


I just have to say that I have never, in my life, had support as good as you all provide. And it’s been just as good every single time I’ve called in, without exception. You all keep your cool in the face of stress, take the time to be sure you’re finding the right answer and are completely sincere. And it really makes a difference—especially with all the stress this year has brought.

—PamelaLash Artist


You guys seriously have the best customer service. I’m so happy that I swapped over from Genbook.

—WinterYoga Instructor


You just don’t see big companies doing what you all have done. I hope this organization is as good on the inside as it appears on the outside and that they take care of the employees the same way they have taken care of their customers. A big THANK YOU to all of you!



Thank you for the consideration/compassion during a time that was so uncertain on so many fronts. I also really appreciated the “Do this now”. It’s still an unusual time…but at least I have gotten my legs under me now and feel better equipped to keep moving forward. I associate a bunch of warm fuzzies, support, and care (beside an awesome scheduling, payment and business tool!) with you guys.



It has been a pleasure, as always, with Schedulicity. What a wonderful platform with total Rockstars always there to help. You have made this pandemic more bearable with your helping hand and that can’t go unappreciated. With so many great features and always more in the works, it is a company like yours who have forever customers and great referrals. With that being said, Thank You to each and every Rockstar who plays a role in your company and for helping us in time of need. THANK YOU!



THANK YOU so much for explaining this to me. I love the clarity and certainty that there will be no further waiving of fees. As mentioned, please pass on my thanks to the CEO and Schedulicity for the gift they have given me during this time. I am SO incredibly grateful. This info helps me to know that I’ll be needing to communicate to my students in advance and give them an extra week to grab an additional pass at the cheaper price before class cost increases.
Again, I am ever thankful to the generosity of Schedulicity and the 100% awesome communication and customer service you guys have.

—LisaYoga Instructor


Thank you for all that you have done to support us. I am and will always be a loyal customer. I have never been involved with a business that is so “business friendly” and truly models best business practices. In these unsettled times, it is nice to know that the communication platform that I use (and the people behind it) has such integrity and heart.



Oh come on you guys! October? Really? I can’t believe the support you keep giving us! Free Schedulicity! I am so impressed with you. You were the first of all the businesses that I work with giving us support. Waiving our fees has been so generous! I will sing your praises to the moon and back! We are currently in our second shut down, you have no idea what you support means!



I would like to start by saying thank you for your support and understanding for small business during all the pandemic craziness. You really are rockstars and have gone above and beyond for my business, and I am grateful. I have been operating a sole massage practice in Whitefish, Montana with the help of your services since I launched in 2017. Your scheduling application and marketing platform made entrepreneurship a dream come true.

—DinaMassage Therapist


I just wanted to say that I continue to be amazed at the support and compassion your company has provided during this unprecedented time. Thank you for all you have done and are continuing to do for those most affected. It has not gone unnoticed even if it may not have been physically recognized.



Thanks so much for your help! All you guys are always so wonderful in helping solve problems and as a customer, that makes me never want to leave. I sing your customer service praises across the lands! Thank you again!



Wow, this is my second call in to Schedulicity and I’m already blown way by your availability, your charm and your obviously authentic and well trained answers. Your uncanny ability to connect with your clients was without a doubt the deciding factor on my search through about 10 different scheduling platforms. Working in the IT world, I work with several vendors, and it’s is nothing short of rare to find a company that has treated a new business the way i have been treated right out of the gate, so thank you for that. It’s amazing to know that there’s a big guy out there that really cares for the little guys. Tell your CEO that he is one lucky to be in Bozeman and two, to have assembled the shining crew you have. Keep putting in their tanks whatever you have been, because it is absolutely working.



Hello!! A super big thanks to all of you and especially Jerry for waiving our fees for all this time!!! It has been a huge help, as well as highlighting the good that comes from people when times are tough!!! THANK YOU!

—CarolMassage Therapist


Once again I am brought to tears by the generosity of this company… I can guarantee that as long as I am in business I will never leave you guys. You are stuck with me till I retire! Now I need to explore your other options you have available. While I am quite content with what I am doing, and using I can’t help but explore now. THANKS so very much from the bottom of my heart… crap where is my tissue – maybe someone is cutting onions…



Good morning! I’ve been in the nail business for over 25 years, and in that time there been some ups and downs. Obviously the last few months are unprecedented, not just in business, but I feel, in human history. I have used Schedulicity for a long time and have always been happy with the computer scheduling aspect but even more so, with the intelligent and friendly support. When I had to close my doors in March, I wasn’t sure what the future held for me as a business or as a person. When Schedulicity came out so quickly and made the service free and then extended it even an extra month, I was really moved. It may sound silly but I felt so respected and cared about. I just really wanted to say thank you! I wanted someone to hear it. Especially at a time when the little things really make a big difference! So, long story short, a very big heartfelt “Thank You!” from a very small business

—StaceyNail Tech


Shoutout to Marketing! I asked how setup was going. “It’s going well. I’ve watched a ton of your videos (which are very well done and very clear … and fun with the outtakes at the end); and I’m setup for SchedulicityPay

—DoloresYoga Instructor


Hello Jerry! I feel so grateful to have such an awesome scheduling software company! You are the only company that I pay for that has gone above and beyond for us. I tried to reach out to two of the companies I pay for similar work related services and they were like “good luck” sorry. Not even a reduced feature or rate for 1-2 months. I am truly truly grateful for the help you have given me. Thank you so much!!



Dude, Jerry, you are seriously an amazing business owner that I’ve come to really love and admire. You’re inspiring my friend. You’ve touched my heart and I will hopefully do the same for my massage clients.

—MichaelMassage Therapist


I wanted to send a note of gratitude for extending these waived fees. I am so happy that we found schedulicity through a recommendation from another business owner. What attracted us, in the beginning, was affordable pricing that had many levels of add-ons, we only paid for exactly what we needed. What impresses us now is your generosity. You were the first business to offer us help during this time. As a family-owned small fitness studio, we were excited for 2020 as we were given the opportunity to move into a larger space and complete a build-out at the end of 2019. Because of this extra cost, we operated at a loss for 2019. Which we were okay with – except it has disqualified us from many grants and loans during this time including the PPP loan. It wasn’t until last week that we received our first grant. We are so grateful for what help we have received and have given us hope that we can make it through these times.

—BeckyFitness Studio


I wanted to personally thank you for everything you are doing. You are greatly appreciated. The waiving of fees, the emails on how to reach clients in these times… all of it. You didn’t have to do this and then on top of that extend it says a lot of your heart and character and I just want you to know I personally appreciate you. We are so quick to point out negatives if businesses But rarely take the time to appreciate the positives. I’ve been using schedulicity since 2013 and will continue to spread the word about your kindness.



Amazing, thank you so much! I am working again thankfully–but will never use anything other than Shcedulicity!! It is like my personal assistant that does everything for me! I rarely have to go on to check anything! My clients love it. And you and your crew are beyond. thank you so much!



We just started using your service at the beginning of phase 1 opening so we so APPRECIATE your generosity!!!I’ve owned several salons in Seattle in San Francisco and know the added burden of the cost of business and especially when you aren’t receiving your monthly fees. I just wanted to share with you how much I’ve loved working with the gals that have been so helpful as I blunder along getting set up and figuring how to work everything.Giving you customers compassion & support in a monetary way means so much to us at such an uncertain time.We will certainly repay you with LOYALTY to your product!Thank You sooooo much, as it’s us an uncommon gesture in today’s world



I can’t hold back the emotions that are welling up inside of gratitude for the gift of services to help me get back on our feet. Thank you so very much for generous heart. Bless you for your contributions to the health and well being of your customers. It says volumes of your spirit and gentleness of your soul. Thank you so much for this gift.



Good morning Jerry!! I just wanted to tell you thank you so much! You are one of the kindest humans I know!!! I appreciate you and your Schedulicity staff!! Thank you for bringing joy to me during this really tough time! You are one of a kind! I appreciate how amazing your company is! I hope you have an awesome day today!



Thank you so very much. Schedulicity has contributed to the success of my massage practice since 2014, and I really appreciate the waiver of fees while my practice has been required to be closed.

—PaulaMassage Therapist


My thoughts are: once I’m back into actual production with private clients, Schedulicity is the WAY TO GO! Amazing customer service (yay you!!) and the ease of keeping clients cards on file is delightful. Your support and customer service have been amaaaaaaaazing and that was my turning point toward you and away from SquareSpace scheduling. Seriously. They have no phone customer service?! That’s insane. Especially when it comes to people’s business upkeep?! No way! I need a persons voice and you have ROCKED!
So thank you!!

—AngiFitness Instructor


Well aren’t you the sweetest! I am well, getting anxious to see if the salon industry opens in California soon. Hey for a little side hustle if Schedulicity is looking for a real life spokes person to sing your praises you know where to find me.
I was just talking to my daughter today about how cool y’all are and how I love the culture your company has.
In a salon of 9 ladies I’m the only one not using a paper book! They have no idea what they are missing!



Good morning – I just want you to know how much I appreciate your company and your service. I appreciate your innovation and your caring during this pandemic. You have made it easy for me to communicate with my customers as a whole and your insightful articles have helped me to reinvent and reorganize my business. Preparing for the new normal has been somewhat overwhelming, but you have been a constant.
Just wanted you to know, and I didn’t want to not acknowledge how much you rock!!



Dear Jerry – Thank you SO SO SO much for staying in touch with us! You’re unprecedented waive of the fees was amazing and unexpected. Thank you for that. Your messages are so refreshing compared to “official’s” messages. I’m doing well amidst all of this chaos. I’m fortunate that my husband can still work safely. My business is closed but I’m in a good position and my landlord is being very good with me. My biggest worry is not knowing when we’ll be able to go back. Your messages are supporting my journey to that point which takes the focus off of the uncertainty and reroutes it to what I do have control over. It’s grounding and we all need some of that right now. Deepest gratitude.

—ShaunaMassage Therapist


Schedulicity rocks! I have seriously never been happier with customer service at any other company

—JillYoga Instructor


Thank you! You guys are always so helpful and speedy with your response! I am so so thankful we chose you as our system. I have had nothing but great experiences with you. The system is so easy for us, as well as our guests to use. Thank you for waiving fees and creating virtual tip jar



I’m extremely grateful to be trying services for free. I literally have NO $. I got my contacts out of mindbody just before they shut me down. Then wouldn’t give me any help with the monthly fees. I’ve been with them for 6 or 7 years. Thank you!

—TriciaMassage Therapist


I could not be more impressed or more grateful for the support in guidance schedulicity has given me and my business. This company is amazing, I wish I worked for you! I will refer you as much business as I can, Keep up the great work.



Tip jar is a wonderful idea. Thank you for your creativity and concern for the small business community. Be well.



You guys have always rocked, but when you came out and waived fees in the beginning of this nightmare, you got me for life. Thanks for helping us little guys.

—SylviaHair Removal


I just want everyone at schedulicity to know how much I LOVE the software. It has made my business grow, and has allowed me so many resources. It keeps my crazy schedule moving smoothly. I rely on it so much and do not know what I would do without it. THANK YOU for all you do to make it work so welll!!!!! and happy Friday!



Schedulicity is a great system with awesome customer service!!!!



I had a meeting with my team , and we are going to do virtual services for any amount that the client wants to give. and I was going to ask how we could do that. now its there (new Tip Jar feature).. omg. I cant tell you how thankful I am .. I am going to keep this spa running. this is amazing.

—JayneSpa Owner


I took a call on crisis from a client late last night and thought… THIS is so so important. I have to keep helping people with the skills I have and I know and trust that I will be able to pay bills somehow by the end of the month. You are an answer to a prayer. You have strengthened my Hope. Thank you



I LOVE this company and what the founder did with removing the fees was AMAZING!



WOW!!! THANK YOU!!! This helps me so much with everything!! THANK YOU! I really can’t say that enough. Every time I have a question in regards to my business with schedulicity, you all are ON IT! AND MAKE IT SO EASY! Thank you so much!!



You guys are amazing! Thank you for the tip line being added. I am grateful and it will be a great way for clients who want to help, help in an easy way.



This was such an amazing surprise when I went to adjust my monthly subscription to the bare minimum because we are closed right now. YOU are the ONLY company that has truly forgiven any fees, not deferred. I will be a client forever b/c of this!



I love you Schedulicity! Thank you so much



I want to acknowledge that as a US company you are considering and catering to your Canadian customers. I appreciate and thank you for this! Plz pass this message on to your CEO as a personal message from me if you can. You guys rock!!!



I cannot thank you guys enough!! As my business account this week reached an all time low I literally gave thanks that my withdrawal from you all was postponed till July… you all have eased up stress for me, THANK YOU!!

—AmyNail Tech


Long story short I was on the fence about using this platform and was going to give you a try back in March then the unthinkable happened. But I got the IG live last night and he won me over. So I would like to use Schedulicity for my business.



You guys are truly ROCKSTARS!!! I dont know how you all do it, but you do! So much love to you and the whole team over there <3



HELLO! I hope this finds you well and healthy. Thank you so much for being there for me during this ever so difficult time. Schedulicity has been so generous and helpful, and I just love being a part of your team and network of service providers. If I didn’t do what I do, I would LOVE to work for SCHEDULICITY! Please pass that along to Jerry.

—RonnieBrow Specialist


Good morning, Mr. Nettuno and the entire Schedulicity team: On behalf of the Portrait Health Center team, we want to thank you for your generosity and kindness during this difficult time. Waiving fees for our Schedulicity accounts is amazing, and we want you to know how grateful we are for all you are doing to help. We use your systems to schedule behavioral health sessions during this time when mental health services are needed more now than ever. We will continue to do what we can do help others in need and simply wanted to take a moment to let you know that we think you and your organization are wonderful.
Stay safe.



Thank you, Jon! Fun Monday! You’ve been extremely helpful. I really appreciate you solving my problem. Just another added reason I’m glad I picked Schedulicity!



Thank you Kayle, you are professional and offered informative clarity. I appreciate your ability to put my concerns at ease with your knowledge and desire to ensure that all of my questions were answered. Wishing you and your family as well as your loved ones a Healthy and Happy Easter, and may all the days that follow be full of blessings.

—PeggyMassage Therapist


I just wanna thank you and your corporation. You guys are on the front line helping us as always in a spot. I pray each and every one of you and your families are safe and healthy. I am sure this is a hard time for you guys. But remember there are some people who think about you all. May your day and whatever holiday you celebrate be blessed with love.



Wow!! You guys have gotten me on board so quickly! I’m shocked. Thank you, thank you! I’m loving this!



Thank you for being such rock stars, not just now but always. You just keep getting better and better, and I feel confident about my ability to keep earning some income! It’s so reassuring to be able to stay organized, connected, and earning! I have a lot of gratitude for Schedulicity! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



I just want to thank you so much for being the first in my work to really help out. You are a jewel. Stay well and God bless.



You have no idea how proud of you guys I am, and you will have my loyalty forever. Thank you so much!



First I want to say thank you to Schedulicity for the huge support and everything you’re doing through this pandemic. I knew I was choosing the right booking system. You guys always go above and beyond with your show of support to the hair industry and in building community. You’ve certainly inspired me in my career and how I can give back too.



Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you for helping me find new ways to stay connected to my clients during this weird time. I’ve said to my mom (who helps schedule remotely from her apartment or Puerto Rico, wherever she is) that people think we are in the massage business, but really, we are in the APPOINTMENT MAKING BUSINESS. As I have been brainstorming what to do while I can’t physically work on our clients, I went back to this premise and realized all that I need to host virtual classes and consultations exists already on the Schedulicity platform. I’ve done classes for clients before, so I have a structure. So today I hosted my first ever virtual class via Zoom. I had 7 attendees, the class was free, and I did a 45-minute massage demo on my quarantine partner. I’m not sure how popular this would be if I charged, but I do feel I have options. And I want to thank you for that.

—KipMassage Therapist


Hi, Jerry. I want to thank you so much for waiving fees until July. We have several instructors that use your system and have been really happy with it. Speaking for myself, you have a customer for life!

—ScottGolf Instructor


You read my mind! I set up a Zoom account last night and already have two appointments booked today. I read through the email and learned a few things. Thanks!

—TyrusMassage Therapist


I wanted to take a moment to wish you all to be healthy. I was looking to see why I hadn’t had my monthly subscription deducted from my checking account, and I came across the note that you are allowing everyone to use Schedulicity until June for free. This was so unexpected and also appreciated! You did not have to do this. I just wanted to say thank you. Your business model truly reflects the type of morality that is needed in these times! God bless and thank you!



FYI, I did a mass email to all of my customers, and I had responses right away. I did not see a delay at all. Thank you guys for doing such a good job and having our backs. Love you!



Hello, I have been with Schedulicity for years. Tell Jerry he is the best. I will forever use this service. I thought I was going to have to cancel my subscription. Now I can rebuild and refer.



Hi! I kept meaning to let you all know that what your CEO decided to do by not charging us is an absolutely fantastic gesture. So incredibly nice. I knew I had chosen a great company to do business with when i first started with you all over 8 years ago or so. Thank you again. Truly.



Wow. Just wow. I’m going to be posting this email if that’s OK on our social media page. I want people to see how great you guys are. I was wondering why I didn’t notice your monthly fee come out… I appreciate you more than you will ever know. We will always remain loyal to you guys and will never forget your assistance during these hard times. Thank you stay safe and healthy.



Wow! You are amazing! Leadership like yours inspires me to finds ways to support others within my means. Thank you.



Very impressed with your company so far. You have really stepped up in a difficult time for people. When my world slows down long enough to breathe, I will write a review and let the entire martial arts industry know what you are doing. Thank you.

—RobertMMA Instructor


What! Wow, this is amazing. I am going to tell all of my business friends who are looking for a scheduling service to fall in love with. <3 Thank you. I hope this kind of generosity brings you abundant success and also inspires other business owners to lead with charity. In fact, I’m going to make sure I pay it forward, too! Thank you!



I wanted to give you some positive feedback. Because the mobile card reader needed to pair every time I used it, even if I left it plugged in, I developed the habit of pairing the reader while I am waiting for my client in the hall while they are getting dressed (I’m a massage therapist). I did that recently after you made this fixed, and it was already paired and worked flawlessly! Thank you. Well done!

—AndyMassage Therapist


BTW, please tell your management THANK YOU for waiving monthly fees right now. What an amazing company — so happy to work with you.



I just needed to send you a great big THANK YOU!!! As a small business owner who has just had to shut down my facility indefinitely and lay off all of my staff, I have been trying to cut costs wherever I can in hopes we can save our business. I just logged on to cancel my account for the time being and discovered your generous hold of payments, and I have to say that this is an amazing thing you are doing for your customers!! I have encountered resistance from so many others and am struggling to avoid bankruptcy. It is good to know there are still companies out there that care. THANK YOU both for caring and for making this easy so that we have one less stressor at this challenging time.

—JennierSalon Owner


To say it’s been a busy week for everyone would likely be a huge understatement. But I did want to take time to send a note of thanks for your generosity and support. Small business owners everywhere are struggling to manage cash flow, continue to provide services to help our clients if possible, and of course, we are worried about our employees. Your thoughtful message offered relief in the storm.



By the way, I’m SO impressed and SO grateful for your company’s response to all of this mess. I was a huge fan before, but I’m a customer for life now and have told SO many of my friends about you. In fact, I’ve been invited to share your format on a live FB for a group of thousands of yoga therapists.

—AnnaYoga Therapist


Just so you know, people are chatting on the pilates studio owners online groups I belong to about their scheduling software. This is true even more so because of COVID-19 as they look at cost value. You all are definitely valued for the price, and we are spreading the word. Thanks again for your compassion. It will be remembered and returned

—JylPilates Instructor


I just wanted to say thank you so much to Jerry for this very amazing act of kindness. It is more appreciated than you know. Your unselfish act goes beyond the monthly payment relief to a broader hope and faith in the goodness of everyone.



Wow! You guys really are the rockstars! I am a Registered Nurse and part-time massage therapist who is able to run my own massage therapy practice with the help of Schedulicity. I chose your service because you originate from my home state of Montana. I am thrilled with the app, and this show of kindness only confirms my respect and gratitude for my helpful neighbors. Thank you!



Thank you so much for waiving our fees for the next 90 days. This means so much to those of us where every penny matters. Your generosity makes me so thankful to have switched to your scheduling system back in September.

—JuliePilates Instructor


You’re doing a great job. I’m cool with a delay in the mass email. I posted on social media already and have been canceling people left and right like everyone else. If it takes a bit for the email to go through, we are good with that. Thank you for all that you do for us. Schedulicity is the best. Stay strong.