A special e-course on how to set business goals and achieve them – year after year.

Hosted by Nina Tulio

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Are you tired of setting small business goals only to lose momentum after a few weeks? You’re not alone. Schedulicity x Nina Tulio are here to teach you to be better.

Get started with a free e-course on how to set financial goals that last and, more importantly, how to actually accomplish them. Over three mini classes, hair and beauty industry expert Nina Tulio teaches small business owners and solopreneurs about goal-setting and -growing. She spills her secrets, using the model she leveraged to build a salon business and, later, launch her wildly successful beauty consultancy!

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What You’ll Get:

  • Three special short videos with expert Nina Tulio (Note: Each video is pre-recorded and will arrive right in your inbox, so you can watch them whenever you want!)
  • Downloadable resources, guides, and worksheets to help you take action
  • A very exclusive offer to make the most of your business by using online scheduling app, Schedulicity

Get Nina’s super secret (and super successful) business model for $0 – now and forever.

The Syllabus

Course No. 1

Show Me The Money: Forget vague resolutions, like “Make more money this year.” We teach you how to set financial goals with purpose — and how to make sure they’re both challenging and achievable.

Course No. 2

Three Ways To Grow: Growing and scaling a business isn’t as complicated as you might think. In fact, Nina gives you her near-exact business model, easy as 1, 2, 3.

Course No. 3

And… ACTION! Now that you have goals and plan in place, we teach you how to do the hardest part: take action.

There’s no catch. We teach you how to achieve your goals in a way that avoids burnout. It’s all about running your business in a smarter way long term!

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