If you ever contact Schedulicity’s customer service team, you’ll easily get a sense of what our culture is like.

We respond quickly. We apologize even faster if we did something wrong. We are forever thankful that someone is our customer. And we empathize with the challenges of running a small business.

In short, we care—a lot.

Focus First (and Always) on What You Stand For

That’s part of why we launched our small business grant program called #SchedulicityCares. What started as a grant given monthly to two businesses turned into a 4x weekly grant program in the midst of a pandemic. Then, we created an offshoot nominations-based program to help California businesses following a second round of unexpected shutdowns.

We started the Schedulicity Cares program as a way to give back to the community that supports us. What’s more, we wanted to continue to exemplify what we stand for—both to our users and to our employees.

One of our first recipients of the Schedulicity Cares grant was Donald Conley, a barber from the Compton area of Los Angeles.

Donald applied for the grant so that he could add space to his salon where local kids could come and play after school in a safe environment. Awarding Donald a grant was a no-brainer for us—Donald’s plans aligned with our values to a tee.

We’ve since given our support to dozens of other brilliant service providers who know what they stand for: their communities. Cassie Kurtz, a Brooklyn-based barber who founded the non-profit Her Chair His Hair, which seeks to bring more women into the barbering industry. Xavier Granados of @thetraditionalbarber with two shops, one located in El Segundo, CA, and one located in Inglewood, CA. He received over 30 nominations during our California initiative.

There have been yoga instructors and boxing gyms, a counseling center in Canada, spa owners in Knoxville, a waxing studio in Detroit. And every one of these recipients has kept their focus on their community even during this time.

What Schedulicity Stands For

One of the best things you can do for your business is to write a mission statement — one or two sentences that clearly define what got you into this business. This statement becomes the compass that guides your work, goals, and plans.

Here’s how I’d sum up what we stand for in exactly 33 words:

We stand for building a community of service providers who lift each other up. We stand for respect and responsibility. And we stand for helping businesses become the best versions they can be.

How Can You Define Your Own Company Culture and Values?

I’ve told you what we at Schedulicity stand for. But the real work is to ask yourself:

What do you stand for? What is the culture you want to build for your practice and your small business?

Even doing the most basic things like sending out thank you notes and birthday wishes to your clients can have a profound impact on your reputation. It shows your clients what you are about and builds customer loyalty.

And Yes, It Makes a Difference for Your Bottom Line

Living by your values makes for good business.

According to our customer database at Schedulicity, the service providers who take the time to show their clients some love (like sending out thank you and birthday emails) make a whopping 61 percent more than the businesses that don’t.

That’s a serious difference—and a clear example of how defining your culture can help your bottom line.

We constantly read about how hard it is to run a small business—how failure rates are high. But I’m here to say that there are little things you can do to raise your chances of success dramatically—like living your values in every element of your work. Something as simple as sending a thank you card shows how much your value your clients, and you become more than just the service you provide to them.

At Schedulicity, we stand for our values. Decide what kind of company you want to be, and stand tall. 

This is an ongoing series by Schedulicity leadership that will talk about how to run a successful service-based business. Whether you are a hair stylist, a massage therapist, a barber, esthetician, or yoga studio, these posts are for you.