You know that catchphrase, “There’s an app for that.”? Well, here at Schedulicity, we often say, “There’s an appointment for that.”

When Schedulicity started, the first businesses that used us for online booking were in the hair, barbering, or beauty industries. Pretty quickly, though, we realized that businesses of all kinds needed an online booking app. We saw an uptick in fitness studios who wanted to book classes. Day spas needed a way to manage multiple employees’ calendars at once. Nail artists came to us, rejoicing that they could finally ditch the paper appointment book and join the world of online booking.

Now, there are dozens of industries on our platform — some of which we never saw coming. Which means that you can book some services through our Marketplace that you probably had no idea existed. Here are just a few worth exploring: 

10 Lesser-Known Services That You Can Book Online (Through Schedulicity!) 

1. Massage

Beyond booking appointments with stylists, barbers, and beauty professionals (we see you estheticians!), our next most popular category is massage. It makes sense — most of our massage clients tell us that, unlike a lot of service-based businesses, they literally can’t pick up the phone while they’re in session. Online booking saves massage therapists time, cutting down on the number of calls they need to return between bookings. 

2. Acupuncture

If you haven’t explored the benefits of acupuncture before, now might be the time to book your first appointment through our Marketplace. We host hundreds of acupuncture centers and highly trained acupuncturists on our platform who specialize in designing custom programs for clients around their health problems and wellness needs.

That can range from general concerns including back pain, insomnia, stress eating, or chronic migraines to more specific issues (MindBodyGreen cites text neck, facial rejuvenation, and PMS). If you’re interested in a holistic approach to health and wellness, an acupuncturist is a brilliant professional to add to your arsenal. 

3. Psychics and Hypnotists 

If you’re as much of a Co — Star addict as the Schedulicity editorial team is, then you’re probably at least a little curious about tarot, hypnosis, and the like. We’ve got a significant number of them on our platform along with other businesses rooted in the Spirituality category.

Most businesses offer an initial consultation or first reading appointment to get you started. Whether you’re looking to expand your understanding, kick a seemingly un-kickable smoking habit, or book your best friend her first palm reading for her birthday, you can book it online right now.  

4. Music Teachers

If watching John Legend at the piano gives you chills, it might be time to try learning an instrument of your own. (And if it doesn’t give you chills, let’s talk.) You can learn to play those ivory keys, or go wild with drum lessons, guitar, ukelele, you name it. For those of us who are blessed with great lungs, there are plenty of vocal coaches as well. 

5. Reiki Healers 

Are you familiar with reiki? According to the International Center for Reiki Healing, it is “a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by ‘laying on hands’ and is based on the idea that an unseen ‘life force energy’ flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.”

During times of difficulty, your life force energy may run low, meaning you’re more likely to feel affected by stress and even fall ill. Reiki is meant to help you get back to the happy, healthy self you know and love. If you’ve had a rough week — or, ahem, weeks — now might be a good time to book a healer.

6. Cleaning Services

Gone are the days where you have to rely solely on word-of-mouth to find an amazing house or office cleaner. The cleaning service business listed on Schedulicity make it easy for you to book in advance, plus edit and change your appointments without numerous texts or calls. And since Schedulicity offers businesses the option to send automatic text and email reminders, you’ll never forget which Friday is “cleaning Friday.” 

7. Beauty, Fitness, and Salon Business Consultants 

If you’re looking to level-up, hiring a business coach isn’t a bad idea. Many life coaches and business consultants from all types of industries use Schedulicity for booking, but we’ve got an incredible bunch of them who specialize in service-based work. There’s something great about finding your next coach and mentor in the same Marketplace you trust for booking clients at your own business. (If you’re an Angeleno, our guest columnist and salon business coach, Nina Tulio, is available for appointments via Schedulicity…) 

8. Accountants 

Yes, taxes are always looming — and heaven help us all. You know what makes it so much less stressful? Having an affordable accountant you know you can trust. Good thing there are plenty of accountants available on our platform, including those who specialize in working with our main audience, i.e. solopreneurs and business owners in service industries. 

9. Groomers

Maybe you’re a stylist or a barber who loves turning out a perfectly styled look, but chances are you’re not cutting your own dog’s hair. We’ve got master groomers who truly deserve a GroomerCon in 2020. Book a cut or nail trim with them to keep your dog looking as good as she makes you feel. 

10. Therapists and Counselors

Did you know that our platform is secure enough for therapists and counselors who need an appointment booking platform that’s HIPAA compliant? If you’re in need of personal therapy, marriage counseling, whatever it might be, take a look and see what therapists we have in your area. Because self-care runs deep, and you’ll run your business better when you’re taking care of your mental health.