In an age when information flows faster and more freely than ever, transparency is a huge advantage. If you sell products, your customers want to know how you make them. If you offer services, your clients want to know why they cost what they do.

To put it simply, customers want insights. The savvy ones will do a lot of research before making a purchase, and if their searches for you don’t turn up any information, they’ll move right along.

In your search for the right credit card processor for your business, you should operate the same way. You deserve transparency from the vendor you choose. With transparent payment rates that stay consistent from the get-go, you’ll be in a much better position to be transparent about your own prices.

What Could Lack Of Transparency Cost?

If you’re not quite convinced that transparent merchant services are important, consider the way a few popular credit card processing platforms do business.

Some are arranged into complicated tier structures that are hard to understand. Others hide fees so they can market their services at lower rates and surprise customers later. These processors also require customers to sign strict contracts. Imagine getting those surprise fees on a statement and being locked into an agreement for months or even years.

For most consumers, that isn’t just an unpleasant experience — it’s downright irresponsible for companies not to be transparent. This lack of transparency is also why as many as 90% of consumers will stop supporting a brand with their purchases.

But how does that affect your choice in credit card processing systems? Well, if you are stuck in a contract that comes with hidden fees, you’ll have to pass off at least some of those costs to your customers in the form of credit card transaction fees.

If those fees are high enough, it might not even matter that you’re transparent about why. Most consumers like paying with cards, and they’re having to pay so much more because of it could drive a large percentage to another merchant.

Not convinced? There’s one more thing to consider: PCI compliance. If your processor doesn’t adhere to these data security guidelines and a breach occurs, you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars in fees and bank reversal charges — not to mention the loss of your clients’ trust. Doing business with a transparent credit card processor can help you avoid all that trouble.

What Do Transparent Payment Services Look Like?

At Schedulicity, our mission has always been to offer transparent, easy-to-understand solutions for you to successfully manage and grow your small business. With Schedulicity Pay, our credit card processor that’s free to start with your Unlimited Bookings Plus add-on, you get the same totally transparent merchant services we provide along with all our other offerings.

We make it clear from the jump that our flat rates of 1.99% + 10¢ for card dip, swipe, or tap and 2.85% + 25¢ for e-commerce or keyed-in transactions are the lowest in the industry. Our transparent pricing structure and flat rates mean that no hidden fees or surprising costs are lurking around the corner.

Best of all, Schedulicity Pay doesn’t require you to purchase expensive additional software, and you don’t have to enter a contract to use the service. To find out if Schedulicity Pay is right for your small business, click here to get started with no strings attached!