You may have noticed some changes around here. If we were a bag of chips, there’d probably be a big old banner that reads something like, “New look, same great flavor.” 

But while we love a classic fried potato product as much as anyone, we aren’t going to follow suit. Because we think our new look brings more flavor to Schedulicity than ever. 

Schedulicity. New look. Even better flavor.

Like any great makeover moment (and hey, as a scheduling platform beloved by stylists, barbers, and fitness gurus, we know you live for a makeover), you’re probably wondering: Why now? Or maybe just: What for? 

We’ve got some answers.

So what gives? 

Over the last few years, our company has grown astronomically. 

We expanded our team, built new features, improved and updated the elements you love the most — we even launched built-in payment processing, which meant fundamentally shifting from an “appointment scheduling app” to something much, much more.

From a design perspective, we wanted our brand to feel (and be) scalable. We needed simple and consistent in order to keep growing across multiple mediums and applications. Most importantly, though, we wanted to re-up our commitment to what brought us to you in the first place. 

So, here we were, a platform rooted in scheduling, yes, but one that had evolved into a platform with a bigger mission: To help people transform their businesses, their customers, and their communities. But we still looked like…an online appointment scheduler. 

That’s not us anymore, which meant it didn’t feel honest. And, frankly, it felt rusty. 

Exhibit A: 

Our old (still beloved!) logo, plus a lot of different vibes all over the internet. Oh and, lots of fonts.

So, we decided to stop thinking about what you might need out of online scheduling and to think instead about what you need to become a successful entrepreneur. The whole package. 

Your business is so much more than a day’s worth of appointments. You know that, and we do, too. And we see in that an opportunity to help you grow your business in every way possible.

Cue the new Schedulicity. 

It All Starts with a Logo 

It’s nice, right? Cleaner, bolder, more us. It’s also full of meaning. Schedulicity is the path to success for businesses, as well as the conduit for connecting to consumers.

The two outer shapes might look familiar to you if you spend a lot of time navigating your city — they represent markers on a map. The middle shape is inspired by a flowing river, designed to feel both angular and organic to offer a clear path forward.  When combined, the final shape forms the letter “S”. That’s us. And you. And your customers. Together. 

The logo represents Schedulicity as the path to connection, growth, and success.

What’s With The Purple?

Actually, it’s huckleberry. 

As a company based in beautiful Bozeman, Montana, we’ve always been inspired by the place that built us. We have a connected community here where everyone supports and cares for each other. 

When we launched Schedulicity, we wanted to build that sense of community everywhere. It’s why we pride ourselves on offering the best customer support in our industry (shout out to our Rockstars!) and why we started #SchedulicityCares. It’s why, at the end of the day, we don’t think of ourselves as a product. We think of ourselves as an advocate — your advocate.

If you’ve heard that some of the friendliest and humblest people are in Montana, you’ve heard right. We owe our entire business model to the way people in Bozeman live every day. 

So when deciding on our new primary color, we looked to our roots, quite literally. 

If you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting huckleberry, take a trip to Montana. Get yourself a slice of huckleberry pie, a jar of huckleberry jam, or — our favorite — huckleberry taffy. Chances are, whatever cafe or restaurant you walk into, you’ll feel like you’ve known the business owners all your life. 

But It’s Not Just the Huckleberry

Still, a one-color brand wouldn’t feel true to the diversity of our businesses. So that’s not the only color change you’ll see around here. 

For our new palette, we turned to the other hues you’ll find in Montana, from the wide-open plains to the ice-cold rivers. Pine. Slate. Bitterroot. Trout. Each color is carefully selected to pay tribute to our roots.

We’re Also Focusing More on Humans

We are people first, and we pride ourselves on that. Our company has always been rooted in human connection, and we believe that’s what sets it apart. One of the most common comments we get from our businesses is that they feel heard and seen. 

With that in mind, we’re also expanding the way we tell stories. We want to show more of the people who helped build us within our brand. We’re here because of you and people like you who started from humble roots and built businesses that their customers know and love.  

Expect to see more real people in our ads and around the platform. More vulnerability, more humor, more “show, don’t tell.” And of course, that human support you love? It’s not going anywhere.  

So What Does This Mean? 

That we’re still us, just a truer version of us. 

Over the next few weeks and months, you’ll see certain visuals shift in the product, our advertising, and on our site and apps. We promise it’s not going to disrupt your days or the way you get things done. 

Your account, calendars, the features you love, they’re not going anywhere. We’re still here first and foremost to help make your work and life easier. We’re just aiming to do it more consistently and in a way that feels distinctly, perfectly us.