Every salon owner and hair stylist knows that organization is everything.

Keeping your schedule on track and your appointment book full makes all the difference between living paycheck to paycheck and six-figure life. 

That’s where an appointment book comes in.

Even if you’re just starting out, you need a separate space to manage your work schedule and client appointments.

And no, we don’t mean the Notes app on your phone.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best appointment books for hair stylists, barbers, and nail techs — according to hyper-passionate reviewers.

There’s an appointment book for every type of business: solo stylists, barbers, multi-location salons, and multi-provider spas. 

Take your pick!

Bonus: If you’re interested in ditching pen and paper, we also included details on the best online booking software for salons.

In this article:

Best Salon Appointment Book on Amazon, According to Reviewers

2023 Weekly Appointment Book & Planner by Maalbok 

With 4.7/5 stars and hundreds of reviews, this appointment book is a great option on Amazon for 2023.

The cover is minimal but luxe, and it comes in three colors.

It’s versatile enough for any appointment-based business.

It’s organized, so you can schedule in 15-minute intervals, and it gets major shout-outs from real salon owners.

Betty Smith calls it a “fabulous salon appointment book.”

She says: “I usually pay $33+ for my appointment book for the salon. This one is as good or better than those. I’ll be ordering every year from [now on.]”

Another salon owner, Anna, deems it a “great planner for salon use” even if you’re swamped with client appointments:

“This appointment book is perfect for my busy salon schedule. Plenty of space for appointments from 7 a.m. -9 p.m. Space for notes, yearly overview, and holidays.” 

Runner-Up: 2023 Weekly Appointment Book & Planner by Maalbok  

If you prefer a prettier version, Maalbok makes this nearly identical version of its top-rated appointment book in pink or purple with gold foil.

This version has 4.7 out of 5 stars and over 2,000 reviews!

Says reviewer Kate: “I really like this appointment book for these reasons especially: 

  • It’s light and not bulky, which I like because I carry it with me.
  • It has a place at the beginning of each week to write your goals, to-do list, and to review the week.
  • Saturday & Sunday has a full listing for appointments, which I love since I’m self-employed. My other books never had this, just Monday to Friday.
  • It’s a pretty color.” 

Runner-Up: 4 Column Undated Appointment Book by Portage

If you want maximum flexibility, this is the notebook planner for you.

While we prefer a more minimal cover design, it’s the inside that counts.

This appointment planner can be ordered with your choice of columns from two to eight, so you can keep track of multiple stylists’ or providers schedules. 

Best Appointment Books for Barbers 

SCALPMASTER 3 Column Barber Appointment Book

We love the throwback vibes of this planner that’s specifically designed for barbers.

It also has a three-column design, so you can see the schedules of up to three barbers at once.

Dry Erase Whiteboard Wall Decal Sticker by Canvix

Before they started using Schedulicity for online scheduling, a lot of our barbers told us they preferred to keep it simple with their walk-ins.

Throw up a whiteboard or chalkboard, and let walk-ins write their names down at your entrance.

If that’s your barbershop’s style, these whiteboard decal stickers come in every size, are easy to put up, and (allegedly) just as easy to take off. 

Best Appointment Book for Spas and Nail Salons

4, 6, or 8 Column Undated Appointment Book by Portage

We recommend this book to spa owners and cosmetologists.

This appointment planner is ideal for nail salons or spas with multiple providers.

You can keep track of up to eight employees on one page — great for busy Saturdays.

Best Online Appointment Booking


We get it.

Pen-and-paper appointment books keep it simple.

But they’re actually more work than they’re worth.

We also know that switching to a digital calendar is big business decision.


Shifting to an online booking software for your salon, spa, or service- or class-based business means your schedule is in one place – not on 365 pages.

Rather than managing client contacts in one book…

Appointments in another…

And payment processing on a different platform…

You can manage everything from one account on Schedulicity. 

The benefits of online booking go on.

You can also set up automated appointment reminders and follow-ups.

You can add multiple providers (and keep everyone’s client lists and payments separate!), turn on waitlists, and ask clients to sign service waivers.

Sign up for free, or read more about the features you should look for in an appointment booking platform

“If Schedulicity is looking for a spokesperson to sing your praises, you know where to find me. In a salon of nine ladies, I’m the only one not using a paper book! They have no idea what they are missing!” —Shaina, Hair Stylist

What is the Best Salon Appointment Booking System?

Ultimately, it comes down to picking the system that works best for your business.

If you’ find that’s disorganized with last-minute cancellations or no-shows, an online booking platform can track those appointments for you. 

If you rely on walk-in traffic or day-of calls, a notebook planner can make edits and changes in a few seconds.

(Just make sure you get all the info right – or don’t write in pen. 😉)

Make a list of features you need most from your scheduling system.

Then, make sure that the platform you’re considering, digital calendars or pen-and-paper planners, covers them all.

And don’t be afraid to experiment!

Order inexpensive appointment books, or sign up for a free trial with an online scheduler. Test it out on a less busy day and/or with some of your most loyal customers. 

If you’re ready to commit to a scheduling app like Schedulicity, see how we compare to the competition: