It’s finally summer! What better time to share some “hot tips” (pun absolutely intended) and go-to hair care products to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy all summer long? 

Before I dive in and give you all the goods. Let’s talk about some of the biggest challenges that come with keeping your summer hair healthy, shiny, and happy. 

The Most Common Summer Hair Problems — And How to “Hot Tip” Your Way out of Them 

Dry and Dehydrated — Saharan Desert Style

Your hair goes on vacation with you, which means it is going to be in that chlorine, too. Or ocean saltwater. And let’s not forget the sun. These are all must-haves for some much-needed summer fun, but your hair will wind up dried out and thirsty. So? 

HOT TIP:  When going to the beach or the pool, fill up a water bottle halfway, then put in 2-3 squirts of your favorite deep conditioner. Shake it up well and apply it to your hair throughout the day. This will create a barrier that protects your hair from chlorine and saltwater (or for some lucky beach-and-pool vacations, both). It will also drive in the deep conditioner and help keep your hair hydrated all day long.

Brittle, So Brittle (Plus, Breakage)

If you are a blonde and are getting regular highlights, once that sun and the beach get a hold of you, you’re going to start to notice some breakage and some really fragile ends. 

HOT TIP: Be sure to get your hair trimmed regularly. And by that, I mean every six-to-nine weeks. Make sure you also get a deep conditioning treatment at least every three months. You can also give yourself a deep conditioning mask treatment at home in the meantime.

Green Hair(ed) Monster

Oh my. I can’t tell you how many times I have had clients come in with a pretty little green hue in their hair. This happens when the hair is porous and can soak up the chlorine in the pool or even your well water (I know, it’s horrifying.). 

HOT TIP:  See your stylist ASAP and have them do a clarifying treatment. These are special types of shampoos that remove impurities and minerals from the hair. After that, be sure to add on a deep mask because your hair may need the extra hydration. 

Some of the Best Summer Hair Products, According to the Experts 

So now that you have some hot tips to battle some of your hair challenges over the summer, I want to share some of the best go-to summer products. I asked some of my amazing stylist and beauty experts to share their favorite summer hair care products and why they love them. These products are truly amazing and should really be in your shower and even in your travel bag during these hot summer months. 

  • Kansas City-based Stylist, educator, and blonding expert, Sarai Speer loves and recommends the Olaplex 6 Bond Smoother. It’s a leave-in styling cream that reduces frizz, moisturizes, and acts as a heat protectant. The best news? It reduces frizz for up to 72 hours! 
  • LA-based Stylist and Owner of The Day Spot, Tonia Day is all about the R + Co Skyline Dry Shampoo powder. It is the best for refreshing Day 2 or Day 3 hair. The powder is so light and it smells amazing. I mean who doesn’t love a good dry shampoo during the summer? 
  • LA-Based stylist, educator, and color expert J Ladner loves the NEW Oligo Professionnele Blacklight Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo is specifically for blondes that need a quick fix. It’s non-GMO, vegan, and is the perfect solution for your on the go lifestyle and greasy hair.  Oh! Did I mention it smells like a dream? 

Now that you have all the products and hot tips you need to keep your hair looking and feeling beautiful. You can grab a dry shampoo, a mask, mix up that conditioner in your water bottle, and enjoy your summer travel worry-free.