Small business marketing is no joke. Somehow, you’ve got to find ways to grow your business between appointments with clients, payroll, inventory, and unexpected crises. The good news is: Even small marketing hacks can change everything. 

If you are wondering how to fill your books during slow times or even how to fill in some of the gaps you may have during the day, salon business expert and entrepreneur has some quick small business marketing tips for you. Here’s Nina: 

I like to call this “fill-in marketing.” As a business owner and entrepreneur, it’s ideal to have a solid marketing strategy that focuses on the long-term and exactly fits your brand. But, when people cancel last-minute or you find your schedule unexpectedly slower than usual, there are a few savvy small business marketing tips that can help you spring into action and get down to business. And by that, I mean filling in those gaps in our schedule. Let’s dive in, shall we?

10 Small Business Marketing Tips for 2020

1. Make a How-To Video for Social (It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect!) 

Create a quick one- to two-minute video on IGTV or Facebook about one of your absolute favorite products. Sharing your favorite products and their benefits is one of the best ways to get your guests excited about your products. It also positions you as an expert and makes you feel more relatable — ideal for getting clients in the door. And, if you run a product of the month and offer a promotion, you can really blow it out of the water. 

2. Switch Up Your Profile and Cover Pictures on Facebook and Instagram

Social media marketing for small business is huge, and a lot clients find their way to local businesses through social media. So you always want to keep your profiles looking fresh and new. It’s great to change them out every few months or so. 

3. Ask for Those Testimonials

This is a hard one. I know, I know. You may not want to ask the guests to write something about you and your business, but testimonials and reviews are crucial in gaining new guests. The more you have, the more trust you start to build with your potential new guests. You can ask through an email or text message with a direct link to your desired review sites. Or just ask them face to face. Tell them how much you would appreciate it.

Pro tip: On the hunt for a scheduling software that has it all? On top of all the calendar, marketing, and payment tools, Schedulicity also has a whole guide to getting better customer or client reviews to help you, too.

4. Hop on Instagram or Facebook Live

Get your face out there. Show your personality. Connect and engage with your audience. People love to know who they will be spending time with if they decide to come and see you. Feel free to mention that you have only a few openings left this week in the end! 

5. Create a 5-Minute Tutorial Video on One of Your Techniques

IGTV is the absolute best for tutorials like this. Think about what topics you can cover quickly that will excite your audience. You can whip up a quick smokey eye or quick braided updo and make people fall in love with you.  Bonus points if the topic you cover makes them want to book an appointment with you right away. 

6. Take a Peak at Your Retail and Plug Whatever Undersells 

Which product just isn’t moving? You love it for a reason, so it’s likely that your customers or clients just don’t know what to do with it. Take a photo of it, and share it on social media along with three of its benefits. Maybe even offer your guests 20% off for a short amount of time.

You can also use the email marketing tools in Schedulicity to blast this out to all of your loyal guests. Want to take it a step further? Hop over to the Products area in Schedulicity and get your product in front of your guests while they’re booking their services. 

7. Take Stock of Your Current Branding

Does it need to be spruced up a little bit? Maybe you want to keep most of it all the same but switch up your font. Or maybe you want to tweak your logo. Your brand evolves and changes over time, so your branding has to, too. Tweaks and updates here and there are key — especially during slow periods when your business could use a little pick-me-up.

8. Find a New Video Editing Tool or App and Master It 

I love InShot. It’s a quick way to add captions, music, and sound effects to your videos. You can also combine a few videos together if you’d like.

9. Plan a Week’s Worth of Social Posts and Write the Perfect Captions

Time-consuming? YES! But it must be done. Batch work is a great way for you to complete tasks effectively and efficiently, especially during your downtime. It also means higher quality posts — you’ll do a better job thinking about growth strategy if you’re not rushing it. 

10. Search Your Favorite Hashtags and Really Engage with Others in Your Industry

Community is key for all of us. So search a hashtag in your area EX: #ctmassage or #bostonmakeupartist (try this list of hashtags for hair and beauty or here’s how to research hashtags for every small business and industry), follow their pages, and even comment on some of their posts. This is always great to make connections with like-minded people. And you never know. You may be able to work together in the future.

These small business marketing tips will keep you invested, engaged, and on top of growing your business. Bookmark them. When you have some free time, it’s great to have a quick list to run through, so you can keep promoting yourself and your business.