Isn’t it awesome to have quick access to so many resources and so many people that have paved the way for us in business?

Whether it’s listening to a podcast or reading books for small business owners, we are so fortunate that we have business-building β€” and money-making β€” tools at our fingertips.

Truth: I am more of a podcast person myself. Even on a quick drive to the office, it can really spark something in you or give you that motivation you need to kick off the day.

That said, taking a deeper dive with a small business book each evening can make a huge difference for your business and your income. And then there’s the perfect compromise: the audiobook.

Here’s a list of all my favorite podcasts, beauty industry podcasts, and books for small business owners, so you can find the perfect one for you.

Best Podcasts for Small Business Owners

Best Hair and Beauty Industry Podcasts

Best Books for Small Business Owners

Are you ready to dive deeper into all things business? Maybe you stand in your own way of your own success or maybe fear controls you in your business.

And let me tell you: I can totally relate to that.

Fear is such a hard thing to move past β€” but knowledge helps so much.

Whatever you are looking for in business or personal growth, I’ve got you covered with this best book list.

From old school to new school, these books will inspire you and help you grow yourself and your business. Enjoy!