Update: When we first heard the news about COVID-19, and as Safer at Home initiatives began to expand from one state to another, we made the decision to waive all of our fees until July 1. We’ve since realized that for too many people, that deadline is too soon. We have extended our waived fees for all businesses (current, new, or returning) until September 1. Any business can use our platform for free until September 1.

Dear Friends,

Schedulicity started with the mission of helping people grow their businesses sustainably and to find success on their own terms. That resonated with you early on, and we’re deeply grateful for the enthusiasm, loyalty, and support you’ve shown us since we launched.

These are uncertain times, and we understand that many of you are facing some difficult financial situations. We want to support you in any way that we can, which is why we’re waiving subscription fees for Schedulicity for the next three months. 

“Social distancing” is the opposite of what we stand for. We made Schedulicity to help people who are literally in the business of being close to people, touching them, teaching them, comforting them. And now they’re some of the businesses that are suffering most. 

My own daughter started her career as an esthetician this year, and she called me to say that four of her nine appointments today canceled last-minute. She said, “Dad, is this going to keep happening? Because if it is, I don’t know how I’m going to pay my rent.” Those are words no father ever wants to hear. 

We have tens of thousands of businesses that are experiencing exactly the same thing, and it’s that reality that kept me up all night thinking about what we could do to help them navigate this crisis. How do we continue to be the partner that champions small businesses in such uncertain times?

This morning, we’re taking our next step. For the next three months, we’re waiving subscription fees for Schedulicity. That applies to current businesses as well as any new business that needs some extra help. Anyone can now sign up for Schedulicity for free. Please, tell your friends, colleagues, and family. We want to help them, too. 

Small business marketing and online scheduling have never seemed so important, so in addition to waiving account fees, we’re also comping any and all add-on features that you’d like to use during this time. Set up automated text reminders, plan email marketing, whatever you need. Switch them on under your account subscription settings for no charge. 

We’re here to talk it all through, too. Our Support team is on hand to help advise you on how to use these tools to the best of your advantage during the coming weeks. Call or email us anytime. 

We want to do everything we can to support you so that you emerge from this with a stronger business than ever. You’re our community. You’re not alone. Let’s be good to each other.