Schedulicity exists so that you can succeed as a business owner and find more of everything you love — more time, more freedom, more of your passion.

We do this by giving you the flexible tools you need to book up your days — and the seamless system your clients need to keep them coming back again and again. You make your living and livelihood from those relationships, and we’re here to help you do it.

Yet, every day, you walk past people you’ve never met before. Someone you don’t know holds the train door for you. Another someone gives you their still-green parking meter. You watch someone sneak your barista a $5 tip.

Cities are full of incredible people you don’t know — yet. We want to set about changing that. 

This week, we’re launching our first national ad campaign with one goal in mind: To turn incredible strangers into new clients. Books full of them. We’re doing this by meeting them where they are — on street corners, at stoplights, and in the backs of taxis. 

Yep, cabs.

Starting in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, you’ll see ads for Schedulicity on the tops of taxis. They celebrate the power of booking anything, anywhere, instantly. (You better believe we’re taking over the hashtag #BookAnything on social, too.) The goal is to introduce new people to what they can find on Schedulicity: specifically, you.

Those lucky enough to land in a Schedulicity cab will get to watch this new video as well: 

These are just the first cities we’re visiting. We’ve got plenty left of 2020 after all. Expect to see this campaign expand — into major population centers across the U.S. and into new mediums, too — in the coming months. We want to say hello to every person we can.

Why are we doing this? 

We’ve always worked closely with our businesses, now we’re starting to build a consumer brand as well — one that will help you grow.

We’ve offered our Marketplace as a tool for finding new clients for a while now. It’s a magical place that helps them come to you, taking some of the hard work off your plate.

Now, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. As people see our ads, they’re going to head straight for our Marketplace, and we’ll be ready for them with the profiles of local businesses including your own. Strangers no more. 

If you’re ready to meet your future clients, you won’t want to miss this. Make sure your Marketplace profile is public today. (You can do that under your account settings. And, by the way, if your calendar is too full already, you can set your business to “not accepting clients”, too.)

Then, let’s get them booking. Anything. Everything. Together.

And hey, who knows? Maybe one of those taxis will even drop a new client at your door.