“I am so proud to be a part of the beauty industry. I am still trying to make my mark and #Schedulicity is definitely a staple in making my shop run smoothly! Being a single mom, and owning #thewildhair for 22 years has been a challenge, as product lines and supplies have gotten so expensive. I just moved The Wild Hair 3 years ago, after 19 years in a smaller location, it is thriving and getting better every day! This grant would help take my vision and dedication where it needs to be with all the proper tools and color lines that I don’t always have the extra cash for. My son is a Junior in HS and wants to be a rocket scientist! Ugh. Sometimes my extra cash on hand goes to his needs instead of something I need for my business, so I can only imagine how much I could kick butt if I had a little working capital to help make things work a little more smoothly! It’s so frustrating when you are almost there but just don’t have the $. You are amazing to give us all the opportunity to get this grant. Grateful. My newly published book, written from the POV of the Marshall Field’s mannequin that sits in my shop, is sitting here waiting for the extra funds to get promoted and my editor still needs the rest of his money!! #schedulicity if you are ever in Chicago, please come check out my salon!! You will love it I promise ♥️✌️I really want to make my mark in this world and this wonderful industry 😁”