I wish someone would have told me this when I was in my twenties!

I made so many mistakes with money growing up. Both personally and professionally.

If you follow me, you may have heard my story.

Yes! I almost closed my salon business twice before my 5th year. Why? Because I had a horrible relationship with money. I also made really bad choices when it came to spending. It was my fault! I was trying to fill a void in my life with “things.” 

Can you relate? 

My mission in sharing my story is to give you some insight and some direction on your financial future. If you are anything like me when I was in my 20’s, you are spending money like it grows on trees. Right? No care in the world because you will stay young forever and more money will always come.

But let me tell you this. Having financial issues is one of the worst types of stress in the world. I don’t want that for you. 

In a service-based industry, it really is hard to plan ahead because there is a lot of inconsistency with clients. Especially in the beginning.  

So let’s talk about how you can still enjoy your life, but save for your future.

1. How much are you spending on food?

Take a look at how much money you are spending on coffee, lunch, drinks, dinner every week?

If you are ordering lunch 5 times a week at $20 a pop, that’s $100 a week and $400 a month spent on FOOD!  Can you cut back a bit? Of course you can. Everything in moderation.

2. Can you push some into savings?

If you can.. take a small portion of the money you just saved from cutting back on spending on coffee etc, and put it away in a savings account. A small amount is better than nothing. These two things can truly be a game changer!

So say you cut back your $400 a month to $200 a month of spending. Take that $200 and put it aside in a savings account or even use it to get out of debt.

Yes! You can still enjoy yourself while saving for your future and these are two small steps to get you started. It’s all about putting together budget strategy and sticking to it.

About the Author: Nina Tulio is a former salon owner and stylist that has been in the industry for 23 years. She now owns a consulting business and travels the country educating salon owners and stylists on how to grow a successful, sustainable business.