You’ve probably experienced the perks of being a loyal customer, like birthday discounts, early access to products and services, and more. And you probably like those perks — we’ll be the first to admit, we love feeling special! 

But what are the benefits of prioritizing loyal clients, and where do you start? Well, if you already use an online booking system, it most likely has some built-in features to help, like service waitlists and email marking, that we’ll dive into shortly. And if you don’t already have an online booking system, you may want to sign up for one (ahem, Schedulicity), after this!

Why Are Loyal Clients Important? 

Let’s start with the basics — why does customer loyalty even matter? How does a repeat client improve your business more than any other customer?

1. Customer Loyalty Equals Consistent Revenue

A truly loyal customer will continuously return to your business, rather than the competition. So every time they need the service that you provide, you can be confident that’s revenue towards your business.

2. Customer Loyalty Builds Stronger Relationships

And with stronger relationships comes trust. We’re not saying to take advantage of that trust, but if you advise a loyal client to buy a product or try a new service, they’re more likely to do so. Maybe they need a certain hair product to keep their hair healthy, and you can sell that to them. These add-on sales boost revenue more than you might expect. 

3. Customer Loyalty Increases The Size of Your Client List

How? By word of mouth and referrals! If customers are loyal because they like you and your services, they’re more likely to recommend you to their friends or family or on social media than a one-time customer.

How Do You Inspire Customer Loyalty?

Now that you know why customer loyalty is important and what it can do for your business, let’s dive in to how you can start gaining loyal customers.

1. Offer a Loyalty Program

If you’ve ever used a punch card or gotten a discount for your birthday, you’ve experienced a loyalty program! These not only entice customers to come back multiple times, they also make the customer feel like they’re getting something special. If you need help getting started, check out these loyalty program ideas that actually work.

2. Ask for Feedback

Once the appointment is over, send a follow-up email asking for some feedback! You can keep it simple with just a survey or a poll, or you can ask for written feedback. And if you’re on Schedulicity, you can send follow-up emails like this with our email marketing feature!

3. Make Communication Simple

You don’t have to let them text you, but you can text them! With email and text reminders, you’ll be able to stay in communication with your clients and remind them about upcoming appointments. This takes the stress off of them to remember, and there will be fewer no-shows for you!

How Do You Prioritize Clients?

So the final step, once you know why loyal clients are important to your business and how to gain customer loyalty, is to keep the loyal customers and prioritize them. And you do that by:

1. Allow Them to Book Online

Utilizing an online booking system and allowing them to use it! You might not want all of your clients to book online, especially if they’re new, but with Schedulicity, you can pick and choose who can book online. If you let repeat customers book online, they can do it easily!

2. Offer Service Waitlists with Schedulicity

Our Service Waitlist feature allows clients to add themselves to your waitlist, so you don’t have to do it for them! You’ll still have complete control over who snags last-minute openings, so you can offer those slots to your most loyal clients. This will definitely make them feel important!

3. Act on Customer Feedback

Gaining the feedback is only the first step — now you have to actually act on it. Making changes based on that customer feedback will make your loyal clients feel heard and they’ll be more likely to give you feedback in the future. 

Key Takeaways

Creating and maintaining a loyal customer base is super important, but quite easy with an online booking system. With the tools that come with it, like service waitlists, email and text reminders, and email marketing, building those relationships doesn’t have to be an intimidating process!