Do you find yourself feeling a little stressed when your DM’s are still blowing up after you just put in a 10 hour day at work?

You feel like you have to be on, ready, and be at your clients fingertips 24 hours a day. The guilt usually kicks in when you just want to take a break to unplug while your clients are messaging you, sending you DM’s, or even sending emails about their next appointment. 

They have questions about products, about their new color or moisturizer, and you hear that alert come through on your phone and you panic. You get stressed. You may even feel overwhelmed. This stuff is real! 

When I was a salon owner, I would literally never shut off. I would answer messages and respond to DM’s and Facebook messages around the clock. 

And guess what? My stylists were doing the same thing. Eventually, we all became exhausted. Run down and tired. And honestly, sometimes it was hard to show up to appointments and give 100 percent. 

So let me ask you this. 

Do you have boundaries set in place in terms of how and when you are taking appointments? Do you have a system in place with scheduling, taking phone calls, answering emails, and messages? 

In order to continue to be able to give 100% in your business, you must set up booking boundaries around messaging, shutting down, unplugging, and creating some sort of balance in your life. 

It’s so easy to just go, go, go with non-stop working, grinding everyday, taking care of your clients, running your business, and focusing on your next client. Are you with me? 

Here is the bad news. If this is the way you are running your business and your life, it is not sustainable. I know this may not be what you want to hear because you love your business, you love your clients, and you want to continue to give give give, but this is the truth. 

The good news is… You have the opportunity to change the way you handle your business and your personal life. You are in total control of how you spend your time. You are in total control of how much time and energy you put into your business. And when you can shut off. 

Let me share some tips on how you can make some changes and how Schedulicity can change your life.

1. Create solid work hours and stick to it.

So you work 10-7 M-F and 9-2 Saturday. This means that you may be taking your last guest at 6pm during the week and 1pm on Saturdays. This depends on the type of services you offer. 

However, staying open until 7pm doesn’t mean you work until 9pm. If you have been in business for some time, this is so much easier for you to stick to, right? When you are just starting out in the beauty business, you make come in early and work late. 

But as you become more focused on your niche and your specialty, you can become more specific on your hours. I cannot stress how important this is to create balance in your life.

2. Schedule time for correspondence.

When you leave your workplace or business for the day, give yourself a particular time you can answer messages and emails.

After a 10-hour day, set aside 30 minutes a night to answer messages, scroll through Instagram, etc. Or maybe after your 10-hour day, you just go home and shut down and let Schedulicity handle the rest.

On the weekends, if you feel pressured to answer messages, set up a particular time to answer them. Once you start the ball rolling on answering messages on your day off, it changes the vibe for your day. Now you went from being in “off” mode, to “thinking about work” mode. Hook up the Schedule NOW button from Schedulicity on your website. 

3. Hook up a Schedule NOW button.

You can copy and paste your Schedulicity “Schedule Now” widget (this plugs your Schedulicity booking screen into your website) and place it on EVERY page on your website, so your clients can book an appointment in ONE CLICK.

This allows you to not have to answer any DM’s, messages, emails, or anything that has to do with booking appointments. You can even change the color of your button to match your brand.

Another great tip is to add the “Book” button to your Instagram and have your clients book directly from there.

4. Use Schedulicity’s Fill My Book option.

Feel stressed about having openings or gaps in your schedule? Are you going home at night feeling overwhelmed having to post on Insta and Facebook to fill your openings? 

Not anymore. Use the Fill my Book option in the Schedulicity platform. They will automatically generate weekly specials to fill your last minute openings. You set the promotional amount, the services you want to offer, and the number of promotions you want to sell. This is the best! You can literally set it and forget it. Talk about stress-free and work-life balance.

These are just a few things you can do to start creating more balance in your life. I can’t say I believe there is a perfect work-life balance. If you want to create success in your life, you do have to work incredibly hard. But I also like to say, everything in moderation. 

What I can say I am sure of, is that you have to make sure you set yourself up for success. This industry requires for you to give so much of yourself. But I want you to remember this, taking care of yourself and setting boundaries for yourself is the only way for you to continue giving 100 percent for your clients. It’s the only way for you to avoid burnout. It is truly the only way to continue to provide your clients with the best possible experience. 

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About the Author: Nina Tulio is a former salon owner and stylist that has been in the industry for 23 years. She now owns a consulting business and travels the country educating salon owners and stylists on how to grow a successful, sustainable business.