Offering packages to clients is a great way to promote multiple purchases at once, like a “punch card”, making it easier for clients to simply enjoy their service, class or workshop without having to worry about payment every time.

It’s also great to offer a deal when someone buys all at once – think “5 for the price of 4”! With Schedulicity’s package add-on, you can customize packages to your liking with options like number of sessions, expiration dates, and allowing your clients to purchase them online!

Now, we’ve made it even better! We love the enthusiasm that clients get when they purchase your package deal over and over! But, your bank account doesn’t always feel the same. So we’ve given you the option to limit packages to a one-time only purchase. This means that Carla can only purchase the package once. Sorry Carla, no more free services over and over and over again; you’re a regular now!

Note that this is an option: we understand wanting to have your packages available over and over. “Punch cards” for 10 yoga classes are always handy.

How to restrict a package to a one-time purchase

  1. Head to your Packages tile under your settings tab (if you don’t have the Packages add-on, jump down below to learn how to get it!).
  2. Click on the package you’d like to edit.
  3. Click “edit”.
  4. Under More Options at the bottom, click the check box that says “Restrict this package to one-time purchase?”.
  5. Don’t forget to click “save”!

If you have the option for a package to be purchased online by clients turned on: Then a client is able to purchase your one-time package (on web or mobile) only if they have never had that package associated with their profile. If they have had the package previously, they won’t see that package available on the Extras page when they are booking.

How to get the Packages add-on
(if you don’t have this cool feature already!):

  1. Head to your subscription page in your Schedulicity account.
  2. Under Add-ons, click “manage”. (You may need to add or update your credit card at this point. If so, just scroll down to Payment Information and input/update your credit card.)
  3. Click on the green “add” button next to Package Management (and “add” whatever other cool add-ons you want!).
  4. Be sure to click “save”!
  5. Then go make packages by going to your settings tab and click on the magical newly-appeared Packages tile!

More on the Packages add-on here.

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